IIT Lifestyle: A world full of opportunities

A third-year BTech student at IIT Guwahati describes what it’s like to be an IITian and how being a part of the institution has helped him develop and learn things outside of the classroom.

IIT lifestyle

IIT: I became interested in engineering because I have a knack for solving problems, and I made the decision to attend IIT during first grade. I’m Himanshu Mittal, a third-year student at the Indian Institute of Technology in Guwahati studying biosciences and bioengineering.

I was admitted, and because of COVID-19, classes were delivered online. We first visited the college in March 2021, and because of the second wave of the pandemic, we had to come back within a month. I have heard about the lovely green campus of IIT Guwahati since I was a young child and have always wanted to live in a hostel. I never stopped asking God to put an end to the pandemic so I could enjoy my time at IIT.

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College clubs bring out the best in you

During all of these years, I experimented with marketing, consulting, analytics, data science, photography, cooking, videography, cinematography, music, and dance. The leadership encourages and highlights our talent. The anchoring club, of which I am a member, sponsors numerous events and podcasts. I had the opportunity to host a podcast with well-known people like Dr. Sonal Mansingh and Nikhil D’Souza.

The largest techno-management festival in the entire Northeast, Techniche, was hosted by me. Additionally, as the festival’s marketing coordinator, it was my job to approach businesses and secure sponsorship for the event.

Healthy competition

Every field at IIT has a healthy level of competition. Even when we’re feeling down, our friends lift our spirits, and we constantly keep inspiring each other. Everyone is constantly striving to improve themselves. The academic staff is beneficial. The majority of them are engaged in research activities, and if any student has an interest in doing the same, the professors greatly assist them and also secure recommendations for them.

To name the hostels, each IIT follows a particular pattern. It is founded at IIT-G on bodies of water like rivers and tributaries. In the past, almost everyone had a single room, including me, but starting this year, our juniors are given double-sharing rooms. There are about 11 hostels, and there are two that are just for girls. One of them has wings for both boys and girls. Despite the hostel having single rooms, we are constantly hanging out and having fun in each other’s rooms. Food that is prepared at home never belongs to just one person; rather, it belongs to everyone. That’s one of the best things about staying in a hostel—everything is shared, including food and happy and sad moments.

Exams are fun

Nobody actually sleeps during exam season. It’s a very structured environment, whether it’s for group or individual study. Although there is some pressure, I believe it is necessary. You don’t have to worry, but you should be aware of how important the exams are.

Students not only pay attention to and put extra effort into our specific subjects, but also their areas of interest. In addition to studying for my BTech course, I work on projects and improve my skills because I am interested in management and business. Our clubs also support us. Additionally, during placements, we are free to interview with the businesses we want that are unrelated to our major. For instance, during my internship and projects, I was able to interview with businesses that weren’t necessarily based in the fields of biosciences and bioengineering. based on the skill set I have developed through these clubs and the various projects I have worked on over the years.

Be friends with your seniors

Before enrolling, I had some reservations about ragging. But once I started college, all of my concerns disappeared. The elderly are welcoming and very helpful. I encountered no problems because of the college’s extremely strict anti-ragging policy. My senior class members taught me a lot, and even after they graduate, they continue to stay in touch with us and support us in any way they can.

Even if you speak with a senior from an earlier batch, IITs have the best alumni networks, and they will be so friendly to you. As a member of the Student Alumni Interaction Linkage (SAIL), I keep in touch with a large number of them. Between current batches and alumni, SAIL organizes sessions and interactions. The alumni take the time to talk to us, are humble, and are always willing to help despite living successful lives and achieving great things. Many of them also come here to apply for jobs.

All in all, my time at IIT has been rewarding and has advanced me in every way.

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