Inspiring Police constable from Bijnor teaches underprivileged kids

Parijat Chauhan

Parijat Chauhan

Vikas Kumar, a constable in Bijnor Police, has made it his duty to go above and beyond his usual service by teaching underprivileged kids.

bijnor police constable

Vikas Kumar, a constable in the Bijnor Police force, is using his spare time to teach underprivileged kids. He understands the difficulty these children face, as he was unable to afford textbooks and had to drop out of school in his childhood. Constable Kumar is going above and beyond his usual duties to help make a difference in these children’s lives.

Now, he has started a campaign that provides children who want to study but are unable to go to school with more people like him who would teach them. 


After Kumar’s first posting at Bijnor district, he got posted at the Housing Development Police in Kotwali city.

Kumar started teaching 30-35 kids from Kashiram Colony who didn’t have access to education. He also looked for more kids in need of education in the nearby villages.

The number of children has steadily increased over time. Kumar completes his duty with the utmost sincerity and then goes off to teach the kids.

Praise From Police Officers

As soon as they learned of this methodology, the police officers encouraged him with enthusiasm.

DIG Shalabh Mathur from Moradabad called Vikas in and praised his great work and honored him with a citation.

“We are proud of our constable. He is carrying out his duty with full honesty, and in the remaining time, he is also giving knowledge of education to the children.” Superintendent of Police Dinesh Singh says

Vikas Kumar Thought

“My aim is to educate more and more poor children so that no poor child is deprived of education because life without education is useless,” says Vikas Kumar.

“Keeping this in mind, we along with our entire team are engaged in the campaign to taking in more and more children to educate them,” he adds.

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