Is India’s hotel management sector in trouble as IHM receives 60% of vacant seats?

Hotel management in india

India’s hospitality sector has been hit hard over the last two years as the pandemic brought travel to a screeching halt. In an effort to keep afloat, businesses in the hospitality sector have had to get creative, offering new services and business models. 

Unfortunately, even this hasn’t been enough to stop the decline in popularity of hotel management courses at India’s colleges, with fewer and fewer students applying each year.


IHM faces huge crises as 60 percent of seats remain vacant.

According to some IHM sources, only 5000 seats out of a total of 12000 seats could be filled for the three-year BSc programme. The central IHMs in Guwahati, Gurdaspur, Srinagar, Shillong, etc. also had a really bad time, as only less than 30 percent of the seats could be filled.

There is a section of people who blame the National Council for this. According to them, the National Council was not able to gauge the decline in interest of students in hotel management and was still blindly affiliated with private institutions.Whereas,some people blame the National Testing Agency, as JEE is also facing an year on year decline since NTA has taken over the process.

Giving blame to institutes like IHM, a user, Ajinkyaa Shevate, says, “They take a huge amount of money as fees. But after completion of degree u get recruited in hotel as waiter, cook or housekeeping staff that too with minimum 17-20 k salary. “

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LinkedIn’s take on IHM's vacant seats and the problems hotel management students face in India.

According to Moupriya M, a voice coach and certified soft skills trainer, the salary of hotel management students is unbelievably low, and they are paid like peanuts and slog after working many hours and spending huge amounts of money on their education.

Talking about the hotel management colleges in India, Moupriya says, “Hotel Management Colleges are spending lakhs and crores of rupees on getting brand ambassadors and marketing to boost admission. And in the name of education, providing substandard lessons.”

Another LinkedIn user, Anup Kahyap, a Junior Superintendent (Hospitality) at the Indian Institute of Technology, believes that hotel management students are not treated well in India. He said, “Most hotels treat students like casual labor during the training period. They only do peeling, wiping, WC Cleaning, and table set up for their whole training period for a minimum of 12 hr. “

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