Is Online Degree the Next Big Trend in Education?

Online degrees have become extremely popular after the pandemic and have become the new way of education. Let’s take a look at why online degrees are the next big trend in education.

Online Degree

In recent years, online degrees have become a widely used method of education, employed by some of the most reputable colleges and universities worldwide. In fact, online courses have become so popular that students can reap a number of advantages and benefits by taking their courses via the internet. 

There are several reasons why online courses have become increasingly attractive to students. One reason is that the online environment enables people to take classes from anywhere on the globe. Additionally, online education is often more affordable than receiving a traditional on-campus degree.

Let’s take a look at why online degrees are the next new trend in education.

1. UGC declared that degrees earned online are equally valid as degrees earned in traditional ways.

In a bid to provide a level playing field to those who have earned their degrees through different modes, the University Grants Commission (UGC) announced that distance, online learning degrees from recognized institutions will be treated on par with degrees obtained through conventional modes.

"Degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level in conformity with UGC notification on Specification of Degrees, 2014 and, post-graduate diplomas awarded through Open and Distance learning or Online mode by Higher Educational Institutions, shall be treated as equivalent to the corresponding degrees and post-graduate diploma offered through conventional mode," UGC Secretary Rajnish Jain said.

This change will allow more people to have access to opportunities that were previously only available to those who pursued traditional methods of learning. It also levels the playing field for employers, who will now be able to consider a wider range of applicants when hiring.

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2. Online Learning Satisfaction rate rises Post Pandemic: Survey

According to a recent survey from Wiley, most of the 2,500 adult respondents who were enrolled in or were planning to enroll in an online degree or certificate program had positive views. Compared with pre-pandemic data, satisfaction with online learning increased by 8%.

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“Since we began this report over a decade ago, online learning has evolved substantially, but the most significant shifts have occurred over the last two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began," the report said.

The survey showed that the preference for learning online has continued to rise over the past year, and about 80% of current and recently graduated online learners said they would consider taking another online program. Respondents also reported an increasing interest in occasional synchronous learning, though asynchronous learning remains preferred.

3. Numerous advantages of online learning and online degree

In the U.S. News & World Report article, one online student pursuing an advanced degree highlighted some of the benefits he experienced, saying that discussions are actually better online because students can more easily reflect on their arguments and expand on ideas in forums. 

He also said that having all lectures and materials readily available online made it easier for him to stay on top of his work and not fall behind. Other advantages of online learning that he mentioned included being able to take classes from anywhere in the world and having a more flexible schedule.

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