JEE Advanced Results are in and Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the best performing state in the IIT Entrance Exam

Parijat Chauhan

Parijat Chauhan

uttar pradesh

Uttar Pradesh had the most candidates qualify for JEE (Advanced) this year with 3,864 successfully passing the engineering entrance exam. Rajasthan came in second with 3,339 candidates and the top five states – Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana – accounted for a total of 36% of all those who qualified this year.

As report, Maharashtra had the third largest number of candidates clearing JEE Advanced with 3036 while Andhra Pradesh and Telangana placed fourth and fifth respectively.

Delhi zone had the most number of students, 133, finishing in the top 5000 of the JEE Advanced results for 2022. Many experts saw this year’s results as a big shift in the pattern of results so far.

In the past, many candidates who received coaching for JEE would register for the exam in the state they were receiving coaching in. For example, students from UP, Bihar and Delhi who lived in Kota for JEE coaching would register and take the exam in Rajasthan.

“The entire focus has shifted to smaller towns where there is a hunger for technical education. In UP, there is a new love for professionals wherein parents even from poor backgrounds have woken up to the benefits of quality,” said Pradipto Banerjee, former IIT-Roorkee director.

When registering for JEE (Mains), candidates must fill out their state information as it will be used to determine their eligibility for admission to the NIT system during counselling.

The report found that there has been a change in the school education system, with more students from state boards passing the exams. This suggests that the school system is becoming more inclusive and giving all students an equal chance to succeed.

The JEE is one of the most coveted engineering entrance exams in the nation, with two levels: Main and Advanced. The National Testing Agency (NTA) is in charge of administering the JEE exam. A total of 1,55,538 candidates took both papers 1 and 2 in JEE (Advanced) 2022, with 40,712 qualifyings. Female candidates accounted for 6,516 of the total qualified candidates.

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Sanika Chintamani Bhatawadekar
Sanika Chintamani Bhatawadekar
8 months ago

Awesome information.