Karnataka minister’s remarks about allowing schools to celebrate the Ganesha festival faces backlash.

Ganesh Chaturthi is a secular holiday that unites society, according to Education Minister BC Nagesh, who has given the go-ahead for its celebration in schools.

Karnataka minster ganesha festival

A section of the Muslim community has criticized Karnataka Education Minister B C Nagesh’s statements about allowing Ganesha Chathurthi celebrations in schools in the state.

On Wednesday, Nagesh said, “There is freedom to celebrate Ganesha festivals in schools.” “We will not say no to those who want to do it (celebrate) for the first time. This is only a system to unite society. They can take our permission for it. “

Umar Farukh, a member of the SDPI District Working Committee, criticized the Education Minister for his remarks and claimed that the government was “biased.” “When hijab was not allowed inside educational institutions, why was a Hindu festival being permitted? Religion is a personal issue,” he said.

“When the Education Minister is allowing religious events of a particular community, then he is duty-bound to allow others too,” he added.

Maulana Shafi Saadi, the chairman of the Wakf Board, asserted on Thursday that every religion ought to be taught in schools. “The Education Minister has said the Ganesha festival can be organized in schools. It is a positive development. It has been our long-pending stand. Whichever school or college, students of all faiths should be given an opportunity to spread awareness about their religion and customs, which will help them grow morally,” Saadi said.