Maharashtra Education 2022: Huge Drop in Admissions 2022 In Professional And Self-Financing Courses

The study found that more students were choosing to stray from traditional courses and instead enroll in professional courses. Although there was a slight rise in enrolment overall, it’s clear that students are increasingly interested in learning practical, skills-based information.

Maharashtra Education 2022

In the state, 31% of first-year diploma engineering course seats were vacant as opposed to the total intake capacity.

A recent report by the Bombay University and College Teachers Union (BUCTU) revealed an alarming number of vacancies for professional and self-financing courses across the state in 2021-22. The high number of vacancies is indicative of the fact that fewer students are interested in these courses. The report’s authors believe that this trend is due to students’ lack of awareness about the benefits of these courses.

In the matter of engineering diplomas, the number of accepted students is 69,700 against the 1,02,224 open seats, so empty seats are 31.8 percent. In the graduate class in engineering studies, blank seats are 50,556, which is 36.8 percent of the total input capacity across the state.

“The number of seats in unaided engineering colleges is 1,31,424, which is 95.6 percent of the total intake capacity, and 49,645 of these, which is 37.8 percent are vacant. “

The study found that the workload for the staff has shrunk. At the PG level, there are few institutions, and intake capacity is also low. With 20.1 percent, even this low intake of PG remains substantially unutilized,” added Mukhopadhyay. The study report was compiled using enrolment data from various government sources, including the admission figures shared by state universities and the data in the Economic Survey of Maharashtra.”

Other professional courses

Although self-financing un-aided institutions manage most hotel management courses, only 10.3% of management study seats are currently filled. In contrast, 47.1% of hotel management course seats are vacant.

Traditional courses

The arts faculty has 36.1% vacant seats at the graduate level and 60.9% at the postgraduate level. The commerce faculty has 28.9% vacant seats at the graduate level and 23.6% at the postgraduate level.