MBBS Curriculum To Be Revised - NMC

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The National Medical Commission (NMC), which oversees medical education, updated two psychiatric modules and six forensic medicine courses to make the curriculum more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community.

Among the changes are omitting “lesbianism” and sodomy from the list of unnatural sexual offences, defining the relationship between voyeurism, exhibitionism, and masochism as sexual fetishes as opposed to mental disorders, and emphasizing that the two-finger test for virginity is “unscientific, inhuman, and discriminatory.”

Instead of discussions on the medico-legal significance of the hymen, which were still taught in medical courses despite the Supreme Court has declared it to be unconstitutional years ago, the modified virginity test module instructs students on “how to apprise courts about the unscientific basis of these tests if the court orders it.”

In psychiatry, the curriculum emphasizes studying the range of gender and sexual preferences. The pupils will receive instruction on gender dysphoria, sexual dysfunctions, and human sexuality without classification.