Consider allowing Ukraine-Migrated Medical Studnets to Puruse Education In Indai, hope for these students

Some hope for Ukraine-Miagrated Medical Studnets

Recently, a Parliamentary Panel has shown concern towards Ukraine-Migrated Medical Students and recommended providing them accommodation in the medical colleges. It’s given hope to these students.

The Parliamentary Panel has addressed the dangerous situation for these students, as they’re unable to complete their studies due to COVID or the Ukraine-Russia War they addressed while submitting their reports on August 3, 2022.

PP Chaudhury headed the Panel for its 15th report on “Welfare of Indian Diaspora: Policies/Schemes”. They urged the Ministry of External Affairs to have this matter with the health ministry strongly, as it gives hope and solves the crisis being faced by Ukraine-Migrated Medical students.

While addressing the issue of Ukraine-Migraine medical students, the report mentioned, “These students have been left in a quandary as they couldn’t rejoin their courses physically or complete their internship or training in India.”

They further added that “The committee also got to know that the Ministry of External Affairs has recommended to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to consider allowing Indian private medical institutes to enroll Ukraine-Migrated medical students on a one-time exemption basis.”

This also gives relief, hope, and clarity to these 18,000 thousand Ukraine-Migrated medical students, who yet didn’t get clarity for their future. As per the report of Medical Dialogues, it has been stated that the Ministry of Health was looking deeply to have possible options for these students, so they could complete their education in India.

Meanwhile, several organizations came and convinced the authorities to accommodate Ukraine-migrated medical students to the Indian Institutes as a one-time measure. There is also public interest litigation filed in the supreme court, as well, seeking direction from the central government to intervene on this topic.

Although they also asked the National Medical Commission to formulate a policy to help FMGs who are unable to complete their practical training, this can’t solve the issue as many Ukraine-Migrated medical students, who are going to complete MBBS soon, have started pursuing their education in an online mode, which MNC doesn’t recognize.

While with the hope of helping these students, NMC has framed one scheme that helps them. Read here to learn about the scheme.

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