MP Government Data: Madhya Pradesh has 7.72 Lakh Registered SC/ST Youths Without Jobs

Parijat Chauhan

Parijat Chauhan

Around 30% of the registered unemployed persons belong to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe categories, and this does not even take into account a lot of people who are not registered.

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In one of the most iconic scenes from Satyajit Ray’s 1972 film Pratidwandi, the lead character was questioned about his “purpose in life” during a job interview. He said, “To get a job.” Yet, he was turned down. Five decades later, the actual and the fictional worlds seem to have merged as the nation finds itself in a similar situation where an excessively high number of people are looking for work but cannot find any.

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Just like the film, Suneel Vaskale (30), a tribal from Kukshi block of Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district, has made it his life’s purpose to find a job, but he did not get any in the last decade. Owing to penury, Vaskale, a post-graduate degree holder with various diploma certificates, ended up opening a tea stall after failing to get a government job.

“My parents have sacrificed many of their desires to educate me. My only aim is to look after them and feed the family,” said Vaskale over the phone. Striking a balance between exam preparations and 12 hours of work at the tea stall is the only goal Vaskale has these days. “After working at the tea stall for over 12 hours, I revisit my notes to be in the job’s race,” he said.


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