The MOU of Mutual Recognition of Academic Qualifications was signed by India and the UK.

Master’s degrees from the UK are formally recognized now in India, which helps our Indian students apply for a Ph.D. degree after returning from the UK.

Mutual Recognition agreement signed by the UK and India

Recently, India and the UK signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to have mutual recognition of academic qualifications with the intention to boost opportunities for Indian and UK students.

This MoU helps both Indian and UK students. This agreement covers higher education qualifications such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees in both countries. Because of this memorandum, Indian upper secondary qualifications (XIIth) will now be considered as meeting entry requirements for UK higher education institutions.

Furthermore, now all UK degrees, including masters, will be recognized in India, which allows our students to go for doctoral degrees when they return from the UK after completing their masters, which was not allowed earlier.

This MO is now valid for 5 years and after that, it will automatically renew for another five years and it will go for an infinite time until it is terminated by any of the participants. But until it gets terminated it’s a very good opportunity for the students, to fulfill their dream careers with the university of the UK and after completing their masters they can come back to have a Ph.D. in India.

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