NExT for MBBS Students: NEET-PG 2023 could be the last, NMC plans to replace it with NExT

Nitin Varma

Nitin Varma

MBBS students for the 2019-2020 batch will have to take their entrance exam in December 2023. The results of the exam will also be used for admission to postgraduate medical courses from the 2024-2025 batch.

neet pg 2023

The NEET-PG examination could be the last one you need to take. It will be based on the National Exit Test, which veterans of the MBBS program at the end of their final year will complete to let them go ahead and apply for postgraduate medicine studies.

NMC wants to conduct NExT in December of 2023, according to a source.

If a student is enrolled in the MBBS program for 2019-2020 and wants to take the examination at some point in December 2023, they will have to prepare for the test now. The results of the examination will also be used for admission into postgraduate medical courses from the semester 2024-2025.

The NMC Act states that NExT will serve as a common qualifying final-year MBBS exam, a licentiate exam to practice modern medicine and for merit-based admission to postgraduate courses, and a screening exam for foreign medical graduates.

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The government extended the deadline for conducting NExt till 2024 in September, which was when the relevant provisions of the NMC Act were invoked.

The commission was required to conduct a common final-year undergraduate medical examination, NExT, as specified by regulations within three years of the law coming into effect.

The act became law on September 1, 2020.

According to the sources, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi may conduct the test instead of National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences. However, no decision has been made yet.

Preparations have begun for National-level Engineering and Technical Examinations (NExT) with the appointment of a secretary, officials said. They added that students will be given time to prepare if they register by the starting date of January 31.

Before carrying out a main test, it would be necessary to perform a mock test.

Officials said the importance of NExT (National Eligibility and Entrance Test) lies in the fact that it will be the same for everyone – no matter where they are geographically. And it will solve problems with medical graduates and mutual recognition, they said.

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