PSEB: Written exam to hold more weightage in new pattern

Parijat Chauhan

Parijat Chauhan

Changes in the marking system will come into effect from next academic session.

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Major change has been made by officials of the Punjab School Education Board in its examination system from class 9th to 12th. Earlier, some of the subjects had more marks assigned to the practical examination as compared to written.

As per the changes that have been made, more weightage to written examination will be given as compared to practical. Reportedly, these changes will not be applied for present batch, it will come into effect from the next academic session. These changes have been implemented for two subjects namely physical education and sports.

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In the same regard, an order has been issued by the board to all schools and have been asked to make the students aware of the same. This decision by the officials has come as a great relief for the students who perform their best in the written examination but fail to practice same on ground due to which their overall marks suffer.

Explaining the marking system, prior to this decision for classes 9th and 10th the distribution marks were 20 for written, 70 for practical and 10 for internals, but according to the latest changes now there will 50 marks for written, 40 for practical and 10 for internals. This same pattern will also be followed for class 11th and 12th.

According to the information that has been received, a lot of debate took place before finalizing the decision as the subjects required more practical knowledge as compared to theoretical. After the opinions of the experts on the same, PSEB has decided to the written examination will have more weightage than practical for classes 9th to 12th.

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