QS Best students cities ranking: London ranked best city for students, while Mumbai tops in India.

The latest QS ranking for the best student cities ranking for 2023 is out. Mumbai is ranked as the best student city in India, taking the top spot at position 103.

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London has been named the top city for students looking to study abroad in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2023 due to its affordability, student amenities, and university caliber, among other things. Second-placed Seoul and Munich are followed by Zurich in third and Melbourne in fourth, respectively.

Mumbai, which scored well for affordability but struggled with the student population mix and desirability, was ranked at position 103 with a 48.5 overall score. Followed by Mumbai, Bangalore ranks at 114th spot with an overall score of 42.9. Chennai and Delhi secured 125th and 129th places, with overall scores of 37.3 and 36.2, respectively.

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Here’s the list of the top 10 QS best student cities.

  1. London (United Kingdom)
  2. Munich (Germany)
  3. Seoul (South Korea)
  4. Zurich (Switzerland)
  5. Melbourne (Australia)
  6. Berlin (Germany)
  7. Tokyo (Japan)
  8. Paris (France)
  9. Sydney (Australia)
  10. Edinburgh (United Kingdom)