Telangana TSPSC Group 1 Exam Alert: Candidates Asked to Remove Mangalsultra, Bangles, Sparks Row

Parijat Chauhan

Parijat Chauhan

BJP is trying to create communal tension in Telangana with the videos of two women wearing burqas at a single centre. Where prejudice did not occur, said the TRS leader.

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A row erupted in Telangana when some women were allegedly asked to remove the mangalsutra — a Hindu symbol for married women. The controversy started when some BJP leaders circulated videos of women of the Hinduism faith having to remove ornaments including toe rings, bangles, and mangalsutra among others before entering the exam while some women were allowed to enter the exam center while wearing a burqa.

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The video circulated across social media platforms is calling it selective secularism, however, authorities claim that the women in burqa too were checked thoroughly but inside of the campus premises. The checking was part of anti-cheating measures.

According to the dress code, too women or men taking the exam are not allowed to wear jewellery.

The exam took place on October 16 and in the widely circulated video, some women can also be seen breaking bangles in an attempt to remove them. This has faced wrath as many consider it to be a bad omen. The incident took place in Telangana’s Adilabad.

Krishan K, a TRS leader took to Twitter to refute these claims and wrote, “Telangana successfully conducted Group 1 exams at 1019 exam center. BJP is trying to create communal tension in Telangana with the videos of two women wearing burqas at a single center. Where prejudice did not occur. All this is a diversion attempt from 18000 crores.”

Adilabad Police said that there was no discrimination against any candidate and every student was thoroughly checked. The burqa-clad women too were checked inside the exam hall, as per the local police administration.

The TSPSC group 1 exam is a state civil services exam. There are a total of 503 vacancies for which reportedly 2,86,051 candidates took the exam. As many as 3.80 lakh candidates had registered for the exam.

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