The Super 30 has now increased to 100! which includes other cities as well. IIT Aspirants, rejoice!

Annad Kumar said Super 30 will now intake IIT aspirant students from all over the country. As demand for super 30 is increasing now, they decided to increase their reach and access by adding 100 students from the whole country.

Super 30 Now Becomes Super 100

From next year, students from all over the country will be able to have admission to “Super 30“, which is popular among growing students in the underprivileged section of Bihar for the best IITs with a high success rate.

This intake program by Mathematical Wizard Annad Kumar will also increase the number of students by 100 next year. Till now, only 30 students from the privileged sections have been able to participate in this free residential coaching program.

Annad Kumar Said in his statement “Because of growing demand, Super 30, has decided to increase its reach and access. By next year, admissions will not be confined to students of Bihar only but will be open to students from other states. The procedure of admission will, however, remain the same – through a test”

He further added that “Education is the only way people can find solutions to all pressing problems in the world, apart from going beyond Bihar, Super30 also plans to increase the intake of students in Bihar to 100 from the present 30. We also will be going online after taking lessons from the pandemic days when offline classes had to be shut for a couple of months,”

Kumar’s life and work were also praised by Bollywood. In the 2019 film “Super 30”, Hritik Roshan played Annad Kumar’s character.

To point out this matter, he said, “The film is not just about Anand Kumar, but about all those teachers who put in all their effort for the bright future of students.” And after seeing this film, every child from a poor family will be inspired to work hard because everything is possible with hard work. And schools with better infrastructure and ACs don’t matter much, “

Kumar mentioned the above dialog in his interactive session with FIICI Ladies Organization (FLO).

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