UGC suggests Multidisciplinary Higher Education Institutions

Nachiket Jamadar

Nachiket Jamadar

Mergers, collaborations, dual degrees and online courses should be the new way of higher education as per UGC’s new suggestions in order to move in the direction of multidisciplinary education.

Multidisciplinary Education

In the backdrop of National Education Policy (NEP) strongly emphasizing on transformation of Higher Education Institutions into Multi Disciplinary Universities, The UGC has asked colleges and universities to look at the direction of Multidisciplinary Education. “Multidisciplinary education is known to build vibrant communities of scholars, and peers and enable students to become well rounded individuals” said UGC in a statement.

The UGC has suggested a few ways such as mergers, offering dual degrees, collaboration and online courses among many others so that multidisciplinary education can be achieved. It also said that multidisciplinary colleges can be categorized into 3 major categories namely, Multidisciplinary Research Intensive Universities (RUs), Multidisciplinary Teaching Intensive Universities(TUs), Degree Awarding Multidisciplinary autonomous colleges.

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Focus on Online Courses

UGC has suggested making use of online learning in a big way. It also stated that affiliated colleges should become degree awarding Multidisciplinary autonomous institutions through collaboration or by forming clusters with nearby colleges.

Credit Transfer

UGC has suggested conducting student induction programmes to create awareness about various learning paths. It also suggested creation of Academic Bank of Credit (ABC)

Collaborative Dual Degrees

Collaboration between two or more institutions in order to provide dual degrees to students was also suggested by UGC. It further added that the institutions of different disciplines under the same management can also be merged for provision of dual degrees.