Ukraine Medical Students can Now study elsewhere: NMC

Nachiket Jamadar

Nachiket Jamadar

The NMC has allowed the Indian medical students of war struck Ukraine to continue or finish a few semesters of their course outside Ukraine

Ukraine Medical students can studey abroad

In a big relief to the medical students who had to return to India after Ukraine was attacked by Russia, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has allowed students to continue a few semesters of their studies in a college of a different country. Earlier completion of education in colleges of two different countries was not allowed. But after this announcement, students can continue their studies in any country given that the Screening Test 2022 criteria are met.

Academic Mobility Programme gets NOC

The Academic Mobility programme offered by Ukraine was officially given a No Objection Certificate by NMC after talks with the External Affairs Ministry and it was intimidated that the programme is a temporary relocation facility to universities across the globe.

Earlier it was required that the entire course, training, internship and clerkship were supposed to be completed in the same foreign Institution.

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Students hesitating to go back despite universities restarting

The geopolitical situation in Ukraine has led to hesitation among students returning back to Universities in Ukraine despite universities starting offline classes. Most of the students have opted to attend online classes. But as NMC doesn’t recognize the practical aspect of medical education, students are looking for alternate ways.


However, the Ukraine Return Students’ demand of giving them seats in Indian Private medical colleges has remained unanswered yet from NMC and External Affairs Ministry

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