Ukraine-returned Indian students to get 2000 medical seats by Uzbekistan

Parijat Chauhan

Parijat Chauhan

The Medical Institute of Uzbekistan is starting two undergraduate medical programs for Indian students. They’ll have a 6-year MD Diploma and 5+1 year MBBS Degree with one year of internship.

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The Indian government has shared with the Medical Higher Educational Institutes (MHEIs) in Uzbekistan that they have 2000 seats available for medical students from Ukraine. They are looking to screen applicants to make sure they’re graduates of Erstwhile MCI and NMC norms, which means that you need to take a screening test.

In the press release, Uzbekistan announces that it will be offering two medical programs to Indian students at an affordable price. The programs are 6 years of MD Diploma and 5+1 years of MBBS degree with a one-year internship.

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The university has a modern teaching infrastructure, a large number of teaching beds in government hospitals and clinics, and 30% Indian and international professors. When students come to take the FMGE/NEXT exam, they will be prepared to do their best thanks to our large infrastructure and experienced professors.

The students who successfully passed the interview session conducted by Bukhar State Medical Institute and Tashkent Medical Academy presented their provisional admission letters to Uzbekistan Ambassador Dilshod Akhatov.

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