UP Government Yogendra Upadhyay To Set Up a War Room In Lucknow To Curb Copying In Exams

A new war room is being set up by the government to help stop cheating in exams. This new room will be connected to all examination centres to help keep an eye on potential cheating.

War room

The UP education minister Yogendra Upadhyay said a meeting to solve the problem of different salaries for college lecturers would be held in September.

A group of people will soon be working together in a designated space in Lucknow to stop the act of cheating during exams, Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Minister Yogendra Upadhyay said on Saturday. “All of the examination locations will be able to communicate with the Lucknow-based war room so that we can ensure there is no cheating during the exams,” Upadhyay said.


He stated that the condition of lecturers in self-financing colleges is poor as they are not receiving adequate pay. To improve the situation, a meeting of representatives of lecturers and management committees would be called in September in Lucknow, he continued. Upadhyay said that the new National Education Policy will change the education scene since it blends ancient Indian culture with modern developments in education.