Uttar Pradesh: Government School Headmaster terminated after 13 years of service for a fake degree

On Wednesday, the schoolmaster was terminated as he has fake Bsc and BEd degrees. The department verified that with Lucknow universities to check authenticity.

: Government SchoolHeadmaster terminated

PRATAPGARH: A school headmaster from a government school was terminated after being found guilty to have fake degrees after having service of 13 years. The instruction is also been issued to recover the salary given to him until now, and booked a fraud case against him.

In this incident, Bhupendra Singh a BSA Basic Shiksha Adhikari said on Thursday that Rohit Kumar Yadav, posted as a headmaster in the Ahibaranpur primary school in Kunda tehsil, was dismissed on Wednesday as he was found guilty to have fake BSc and BEd degrees.

Last year the complaint was filed by Rajnath Yadav, a resident of Praygraj to the Basic Education Department on 17th February for the Headmaster’s fake degree, afterwards, it will be verified by Lucknow university. Singh added

Singh further added “He said He said after a notice was issued to him in this case, Yadav demanded a fresh investigation. The fresh investigation re-confirmed that the degrees were fake”

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