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NIT Durgapur - Fees

Details of scholarships and financial assistance for studying in National Institute of Technology Durgapur is given below:

Scholarship & Assistance

(I) Undergraduate Courses:

The college awards Merit scholarship and Merit-cum-Means scholarship to the students in accordance with rules governing these scholarships.The duration for Merit scholarship is one year and number is limited to 23 in each academic year, while 47 Merit-cum-Means scholarships are awarded for the duration of 4 years each.The value of Merit scholarship is Rs 100 per year from tuition fee and certificate of Merit.The Merit-cum-Means scholarship is Rs 125 per month with exeWBtion from the tuition fee.

D. M. Sen Memorial Scholarship (4 in number) of Rs 250 per month on Merit-cum-Means basis is also awarded. Several other scholarships and loans like National Scholarship for Scheduled Caste/Tribes students, State Govt. Scholarships, National Loan, Engineering Education Loans etc. are also available to the students of the college subject to the conditions laid down by the sanctioning authority; Nearly half the U.G. students of the college enjoys one scholarship or other. The college has also a Student’s Aid fund which renders financial assistance to the economically weak students.

(II) Post Graduate Courses:

A Post Graduate scholarship of Rs 1800 per month is awarded to all full time students (except those sponsored by the industries) admitted to the courses through GATE, if they do not receive any financial assistance from any other source during the course of study in the college. The scholarship is tenable for 18 months.

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