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How to Choose Play School

Is your child 2 years old? Are you planning to get him or her admitted in a play school? Are you just considering the playschools that your relatives, friends or neighbors have suggested? Are these some of the questions that bother you? If yes, then, read on. NNE has written the following article with an endeavor to help parents select the right playschool for their child.

Following are the points that should be taken into consideration before getting your child admitted in the school:

Teacher’s Credentials

Most of the playschools are run by the private bodies. This means that they follow their own se of rules and regulations. Schools must have teachers with prerequisite degree of either Pre Primary Teachers Training (P.P.T.T.) or Early Child Care Education (E.C.C.E.).


The duration of the Playschool or Pre School shouldn’t be long and tiring. 
Safety: Does the school provide proper safety measures to toddlers? Does the school play an active role while choosing school bus driver ensuring the safety of the kids? To ensure this, the parents should confirm with the parents of senior students.


Many playschools have mushroomed in residential societies. While it is safe, in terms of distance from home, but it should also be looked upon that the children are not cramped for room.

Outdoor Trips

Outdoor trips enhance a child’s knowledge about things taught to him. For example, a visit to the zoo might have a lasting impact on a child than just reading about deer and elephants. It makes the child well-versed with the surroundings.

Games and Sports

These facilities provided by schools play an important role in the development of a child. Apart from teaching him how to share and adjust with other children, these activities help in developing his motor skills.

Tie-ups: Another important aspect while selecting a playschool is whether the playschool is having tie-ups with other schools, which increases the possibility of the child getting admission in primary schools after completing his education in playschool.


School should be located close to the residence. Too much traveling at the young age takes toll on the child.

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