20 free and paid online spoken English courses.

Kritika Yadav

Kritika Yadav

20 free and paid

The new digital world has changed, any person can learn from anywhere through online courses. Students can access endless learning tools and easily learn from anywhere and anytime. 

If you are looking for paid or free online spoken English courses but you’re confused enough to choose which one is best, no worry because here are 20 paid and free online spoken English courses with additional information to help you decide which one could fit your learning style.

Top 10 paid spoken English courses.

British Council

The first on our list of paid online spoken English courses is the British Council. The British Council is a non-profit organization that promotes educational opportunities. Their focus is to foster a great understanding of the United Kingdom and the English language among the people. They are present in over 100 countries and have been teaching English for 75 years. The British Council conducts a short test in the beginning to test your level of English language proficiency. They also offer IELTS test preparation sessions to help you with IELTS preparation.

Here are some key features of the British Council.



It doesn’t matter whether you are good at speaking or a beginner in English speaking, Coursera can help you to build the skills that you required. Learn in different ways including video lectures, self-paced projects, and quizzes, and use their trainee forum to get feedback on your improvement. 

Here are some key features of Coursera

  • Learn from experts
  • People can start their new career
  • Improve your English communication skills specialization



Udemy is second on our list of paid online spoken English courses. They have around 183,000 plus courses and more than 44 million students. To allow you to learn English on your own, they combine videos, quizzes, and progress tests. You can enroll in shorter courses—up to 5 hours long—or longer courses—up to 100 hours long. Udemy has both free and paid lessons, but their paid lessons provide more advanced and quality learning.

Here are some key features of Udemy.

  • Udemy is affordable and provides lifetime access to courses
  • Provides certification of completion
  • They have a 30-day refund policy
  • Wide number of courses
  • Learning flexibility as they don’t have a course completion time



Udacity is another amazing MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) learning platform. Udacity offers a Nanodegree program that consists of a series of single-paid courses. A nanodegree program can be completed in a month if you give around 5 hours a week to the course. Udacity is the ideal place for advanced English learners to practice their language while gaining employability skills for the future, even though they don’t offer English-specific courses. 

Here are some key features of Udacity.

  • Certificate of completion
  • High-quality content
  • They have industry experts as instructors
  • Provide students with discussion forums
  • User-friendly interface




Preply is an incredible platform that connects language learners to instructors online. Once you connect with a tutor, they will arrange a time that’s suitable for both of you to meet 1-1 for a language lesson. This might take the form of a formal lesson or a casual discussion in your chosen language. It’s up to you and what you want to achieve.

Lessons last between thirty and sixty minutes. Tutors are available for any budget, with fees ranging from $4 to $40 for a lesson.

Here are some key features of preply.

  • Find affordable language tutors online
  • Help you speak confidently and naturally in the selected language
  • Focuses on the skills you need to learn
  • Custom learning plan to fit your schedule and needs



Edx is an online learning platform that was founded by Harvard and MIT. The best part about Edx courses is that they are taught by experienced college professors from top universities around the world. They provide college level courses and pre-recorded video lessons to watch at any time. However, the assignments need to be completed within a certain time period.

Here are some key features of Edx.

  • Provide certification on course completion
  • Flexible schedule
  • Affordable than other on-site courses
  • Wide variety of learning options
  • Great content quality and easy to use platform



Cambley is considered one of the best online learning platforms for anyone looking to get a better grasp of English. It offers a range of plans for businesses, people, and young people. This e-learning platform aids in the development of English language proficiency, which includes speaking, reading, writing, and practicing vocabulary. This course allows for one-on-one communication between the teacher and student. When it comes to course timings, there is flexibility because they offer all-day, seven days a week, online courses that can be taken from home.

Here are some key features of Cambley.

  • You can pick your own tutor and community
  • Certificate after course completion
  • Full support is offered by the tutor as well as Cambley
  • Assortment of classes that you can pick from



FluentU offers video lessons of native speakers to demonstrate to users how native speakers actually speak. The videos come in a range of formats, such as advertisements, music videos, interviews, and more. Their videos are available in nine different languages. Fluent is not free to use, but they do offer a 14 days trial.

Here are some key features of FluentU.

  • Thousand of interactive videos with subtitles
  • Provide personalized learning
  • Easy to use and user friendly interface
  • Gamified learning

Future learn

Future Learn

 Future Learn, founded jointly by the Open University and the SEEK group, was first founded in 2013. The British Council, a renowned organization for in-depth English courses, oversees FutureLearn’s English programs. They offer English courses for basic beginners to advanced learners. They use interactive videos, quizzes, articles, and audio to teach users a particular language. 

Here are some key features of Future Learn.

  • Partnership with leading universities
  • Emphasis on teaching marketable skills
  • Unlimited access to the courses
  • Certification of completion
  • Learn at your own pace and time



Magoosh is basically a test preparation platform but can greatly help you learn English. They help users with common exams in the English-speaking world, such as the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Magoosh is a great site to learn English grammar and learn specifically for competitive exams.

Here are some key features of Magoosh.

  • Over 140 video lessons and 400 video explanations
  • English speaking groups
  • They have highly skilled tutors
  • Affordable and flexible plans
  • Personalized Study Schedule


Phrase mix

Phrasemix helps you learn English by not only teaching you words but by teaching you whole phrases. Additionally, the site concentrates on words that real people use in actual conversations. So, the next time you speak English with your new friends, you’ll be able to sound natural and not like your textbook! 

Here are some key features of Phrasemix

  • Teaches English by using day-to-day phrases
  • Focuses on audio lessons
  • Learn words, phrases, grammar, pronunciation, and culture all together in each lesson

Top 10 Free spoken English courses.

Perfectly spoken

Perfectly Spoken

Perfectly Spoken is one of the great websites to learn English for free. They have around 300 pre-recorded video lessons taught by experts. Perfectly Spoken provides free, as well as paid, spoken English courses. To get started with Perfectly Spoken, you just need to create an account and you are ready to learn! 

Here are some key features of Perfectly Spoken:

  • More than 450 video lessons
  • Helps with general English, exam preparation, and grammar
  • Qualified and professional teachers
  • Provide Assignments, learning material, and tests.
  • Speaking practice groups and open classes for students

Oxford Online English


The next on our list of free online spoken English courses in Oxford Online English. This amazing platform has around a hundred video lessons that are taught by passionate and professional teachers. The best part is that Oxford Online English not only focuses on basic English but also on vocabulary, grammar, and spoken English. Oxford Online English has free as well as paid courses available. They also help with competitive exams and interviews.


Here are some key features of Oxford Online English:

  • Qualified and highly experienced teachers
  • No advance payment or card details are required
  • Study anytime, anywhere
  • Helps with competitive examinations as well as with interview preparation.
  • Provide learning materials, notes, and assignments

Learn English with Zita (YouTube)

Learn English with Zita

Learn English with Zita is one of the best YouTube channels for free online spoken English courses in India. The channel has around 885 K subscribers and is hosted by Vinit Kapoor and Anamika Kapoor. The channel consists of a 30-day crash course on spoken English. 

Here are some key features of Learn English with Zita:

  • Learn amazing tricks and concepts of English
  • Simple teaching style
  • Videos are uploaded regularly
  • 10 years of experience in teaching English



Duolingo is a language learning app and website. More than 500 million people use Duolingo worldwide across all 194 countries. Of them, 53% are English language learners. The percentage of people learning English in each country is increasing rapidly. Duolingo’s courses are free, and the lessons are taught in a really fun way. You can download Duolingo on your phone and learn English anywhere and anytime.

Here are some key features of Duolingo:

  • Freemium version of the app and website
  • The app is user-friendly
  • Uses the gamification strategy to keep learners attentive within the platform
  • Duolingo has a mobile app that makes it easily accessible
  • You can learn around 40 languages using the Duolingo freemium version

Alison Courses


Alison is another great website to learn English for free. The website, Alison, was established in 2007 and is also considered a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) by most people. Presentation slides serve as the course materials; no pre-recorded video lessons or one-on-one tutoring are provided. However, a wide variety of topics, including business, tourism, and journalism, are available to learn English in a variety of contexts.

Here are some key features of Alison’s courses:

  • Certification on completion of the course
  • 100% free-of-charge courses
  • Variety of courses to choose from
  • Good Content quality
  • Easy to use

English Helper

English Helper

As the name suggests, English Helper will help you learn English and is a great website for a beginner. They offer two learning programs: Learn English and Write Better. While Learn English has both free and paid versions, Write Better is completely free to use. All you need to do is sign up!

Here are some key features of English Helper:

  • Picture dictionary of 400,00 words
  • Periodic tests to check if students are learning
  • Translation in over 20 languages
  • Six different listening speeds and a pronunciation guide

English class 101

English class 101

English class 101 is another great platform for adult learners. They have lots of video and audio lessons that provide an easy and fast learning experience for everyone. You can either use your laptop or download their mobile app to access their courses. Although English class 101 has free video and audio lessons, the advanced features are available in the Premium version only.

Here are some key features of English Class 101:

  • Short video and audio lessons
  • Wordlists, slideshows, and flashcards for easy learning
  • Personalize 1-on-1 with your own teacher
  • Mobile app to learn anywhere anytime
  • No credit card is required




Memrise was launched in 2010 and has since gained a lot of popularity due to its easy, fun, and interactive way of teaching different languages. Similar to Duolingo, memrise provides a platform that makes English learning a game through their fun activities. 

Here are some key features of Memrise:

  • The free version of Memrise offers full access to all the courses and activities
  • Memrise uses a spaced repetition system that helps you remember different words
  • Different levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced
  • Learn several languages for free
  • Memrise has its own app which makes it easily accessible



Babbel is an online language learning platform where you can learn not only English but 14 different languages. Babbel uses pictures, sounds, and speech recognition to introduce new vocabulary. The first lesson in every language course is free. You can easily sign up for Babbel using your email address, and you are ready to learn.

Here are some key features of Babbel:

  • You will learn to have real-life conversations in English
  • Babbel provides 10-minute digestible lessons
  • Helps you with word pronunciation
  • Break down grammatical concepts with tips in the user’s native language



Last, but not least, the free online spoken English course platform is Busuu. Busuu has around 1000 lessons that were created by experts. They use artificial intelligence to create a personalized study plan for each student. But remember that in Busuu you can only learn one language for free. To get started with Busuu, you just need to sign up and give a small level check test, or you can just start from the beginning.

Here are some key features of Busuu.

  • Variety of lessons to learn from
  • You can download lessons in advance to learn anywhere anytime
  • Create personalized study plans
  • Pings you to remind you to learn