Why the British Council is one of the best destinations for online IELTS preparation?

Sonalika S.

Sonalika S.

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The British Council is one of the best destinations for online IELTS preparation, which is known as the United Kingdom’s international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations. The British Council builds international opportunities for people all over the countries.

The British Council organization is also situated in New Delhi in 1993, now it’s recognized across India for its network of 3 libraries and cultural centers. British Council delivers a field of specialized projects in arts, education, English language, and society to audiences across India and more than 100,000 members accommodations at the education township will be aplenty for both students and teachers. With the ‘Single Entry, Multiple Exit’ system, students will be able to take out cheap education loans to cover their costs.

The British Council provides courses of English language training and learning for both students and teachers and promotes opportunities to study in the UK.

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The British Council also oversees different IELTS scholarships, including the GREAT scholarships, the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship, the Charles Wallace India Trust, and the Hornby scholarships.

In India, the British Council has offline centers such as Chennai, Kolkata, and New Delhi to provide a scope of general and business English courses, specialized skills-based programs, and courses for young learners.

British Council has worked with a vast range of Indian partners in cities all over India enabling British and Indian specialists to meet and collaborate and promote mutually profitable relationships. 

In 2021, following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdowns, British Council started serving candidates through online delivery. You will know more about online IELTS preparation.

Prepare for IELTS with British Council

The British Council helps students to prepare for the IELTS examination through study materials, courses, online classes, and resources. The British Council provides IELTS learning materials with the test format and also improves your confidence when writing, speaking, reading, and listening in English.

Even if you believe you are a proficient user of English, the British Council still recommends that you prepare thoroughly for your test with our helpful IELTS training resources.

British Council has both paid and free resources, candidates can try trial free videos and online lessons, face-to-face courses, seminars, and workshops. You can choose the preparation materials that suit you and start getting ready for your IELTS test today.

Prepare for IELTS with the experts

British Council provides experts, it helps in getting the score you need with the co-creator of the IELTS test. While choosing experts you will get these benefits that include:

  • Flexible pricing
  • Live online group and private classes
  • Available 24/7

What do you get in the British council for online IELTS preparation?

The British Council is one of the best destinations for online IELTS preparation, here is the list of things which includes:

  • A personal needs analysis with an expert (2 credits)
  • Live 25 teacher-led grammar and vocabulary webinars (unlimited access)
  • 30 hours of practice exercises
  • Choice of the group and private classes:
  • 55 mins group class / 1 credit
  • An IELTS teacher-led webinar (1 credit)
  • 25 mins private class / 2 credits
  • 3 months access

Why British Council for online IELTS preparation?

British Council helps to get closer to your target IELTS band score. Here are the points that include:

  • Gain test awareness: Learn about the test format and different question types.
  • Develop effective test strategies, tips, and techniques to help you perform better.
  • Improve test-related skills for all sections of the test: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Learn useful grammar and vocabulary.
  • Get IELTS ready and be calm and confident on your test day.
  • Choose the best IELTS course for you. Decide your schedule, teacher, type of classes, and language focus.

Prepare for Academic or General Training IELTS.


The British Council is excellent at helping students prepare for IELTS. They assist in building networks, exploring creative ideas, and learning English. They also offer high-quality education and the ability to gain internationally recognized qualifications.

The British Council has four offices in India – Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

The British Council was founded in 1934 and has headquarters in Stratford, London. The chairman of the British Council is Stevie Spring, and its Chief Executive is Scott McDonald.

The British Council is independent of the UK government. Although they do receive government grants in aid.