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How Does Education Empower a Better World?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Evolution began 7 million years ago and since then humans have come a long way. Do you ever wonder how that happened? How did we go from living in the caves to landing on the moon? If we look around and observe how much society has transformed, how we have built civilizations and how humanity has come to reserve a place of its own in the universe, you’ll notice how education has played a gigantic role in everything that transpired.

So what exactly is education? Well, there are numerous ways in which we can define the word education. But the most basic understanding of education is that it’s a process of encouraging learning. It’s the attainment of knowledge, skills, morals, values, habits, and beliefs. It is not confined to schools or colleges. It starts as soon you are born, with the moment you learn how to breathe. With the moment you learn how to walk, talk or move. There is always something to learn which makes education a perpetual process.

Understanding the Role of Education in an Individual’s Life

The importance of education in our lives is paramount. It shapes our whole personality, thought process and ability to make decisions. Also making the person more capable of doing well and improving their life personally, socially as well economically. It enables one to live a decent and respectful life. Having knowledge makes them more aware of themselves as well as about society.

And no, I’m not just talking about the education you acquire from schools or universities, but also what you learn through your life’s experiences. School and universities prepare you for upcoming future opportunities and better career prospects. They help you establish economic stability in your life so that you can build a better future. But the lessons that are taught by life are equally important.

For instance, observing a new culture and choosing to learn about it is also education. Education broadens your mind and makes you more adaptable in any situation. It helps you navigate through your career, responsibilities, relationships, and personal goals. It opens an endless world of opportunities for you to explore.

Importance of Education in Society

If education changes an individual’s life so drastically. Then, how would education change a society full of those individuals? Brains with education and big ideas transformed the world we are living in today. Tall architectural buildings, state-of-the-art schools, modern-equipped hospitals, rules and regulations, judiciary and every single comfort in your life exists because of educated individuals. Education makes us better citizens by teaching us how to live in a civilized manner and how to conduct ourselves. It gives us a conscience and better decision-making abilities that help us to elevate the social and economic conditions of our society.

Society will always need educated people to eliminate the negative aspects and to push it towards growth. The more the literacy rate, the better the society. Better literacy creates a more modern, safer world for future generations. When people are earning well, have a stable life and make thoughtful decisions, they’ll feel satisfied and lead a happy and prosperous life.

Education and Gender

As Michael Obama once said, “When women are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.” Gender equality in education ensures a better world for every child. When all the children receive equal education, they can transform communities, nations, and the entire world. Girls who receive quality education lead more healthy and productive lives. They make a higher living and are independent which helps them develop a better future for both themselves and their families. But education for girls or other genders is not just limited to getting them access to school. It also has a lot to do with making schools a safe place for them. They should have the independence to pursue their interests and the subjects they like and should be supported in the choices they make for their careers.

Education of every single individual of any gender, race, caste, creed, and religion can only create a fulfilling society. And it’s not like society hasn’t been evolving. Progress has been in many ways when it comes to equal education. Education is a right for every single gender and it not only helps in increasing the economy of the country and the world but also eliminates the orthodox mindsets and broadens the perspective. Thereby, creating awareness and providing equal rights to everyone in the society.

Education and Poverty

Is Education the way to end poverty? The answer to this may not be black and white, but education can surely help in overcoming certain roots of poverty. Not every uneducated person lives in poverty but people living in extreme poverty lack basic education. People under extreme poverty tend to keep their children away from school and in most cases, those children get caught in the cycle of generational poverty.

Education opens up opportunities, opens up new pathways to get jobs, and it helps people gain the skills required for thriving in their lives. It is believed that high-quality education can end the cycle of poverty globally.

Education also bridges the gap between inequality. Making high-quality education free and affordable helps in a lot of ways. A quality education hones a child’s developing emotional, social, and communication skills. A child who receives proper education is more likely to develop various life skills at a much better level. They can then use these abilities and skills to make a living for themselves and raise their standard of living.

Education can put an end to the cycle of poverty and other obstructions which are stopping certain parts of society from living a fulfilling and healthy life.

Summing Up

Education is a reliable solution for dealing with problems like gender inequality and poverty. Education is a basic human right of each and every individual. And it’s extremely important from the standpoint of maintaining harmony and stability in society. A society that is full of aware and accepting individuals is definitely a better place to live in.

As we have seen how education plays a prominent role in an individual’s life. Now, imagine if everyone gets high-quality education and equal opportunities to live their lives. It’ll take humanity to new heights and may even help solve world problems like global warming and wars.

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