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Top 10 Destinations to Study Abroad in 2022. What's Best for You?


Many students dream to pursue their higher studies at world-renowned universities. With the pandemic having restricted most of the foreign travel routes, going abroad for foreign studies wasn’t quite possible until now. Things are beginning to get under control and travel restrictions are getting uplifted. So, this is the right time like any to make your higher-education plans if you are planning to get admission into a college overseas.

It is important to enrol in a program that is suitable for their career profile in order to achieve personal goals. Considering living styles, fee structures, popular courses, and other essential considerations of each country, here is a list of the top 10 destinations to study abroad in 2022. These destinations have been chosen as per their global rankings, reviews, and popularity.

1. Australia

Australia hosts some of the best universities in the world with beautiful landscapes, attractive beaches, and rare wild animals. Students having career profiles in business, biology, humanities, and zoology as well as a keen interest to explore metropolitan cities like Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, the opera house in Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, etc can travel and choose Australia for higher education.

Best universities: Sydney University, National University of Australia, and the University of Melbourne. Admissions cost per semester: Varies from $7000 to $17000

Monthly Living expenses: An average of $1400 including rent

2. Canada

Canada has been ranked the No. 1 country in North America due to its first-class teaching facilities, diverse cultures, natural backdrop, and friendly locals. Canadian universities offer study programs including MBA, medicine, information technologies, and technological inventions. Though their official language is French, most Canadians speak English too. Besides studies, students can also explore stunning landscapes, mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, and swimming.
Best universities: University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Colombia Admissions cost per semester: Varies from $2000-$9000
Monthly living expenses: $1800 approximately, including rent

3. Germany

Germany is a favourable option for studying abroad in 2022 due to its highly-regarded German culture, fairytale cities, and towns with a world-class education at an affordable price range. Without citizenship, international students can study UG, PG, and doctoral programs in technology, business, and linguistic subjects for free. Other than studies, the hills of Bavaria, beaches of the Baltic coast, beer festivals, and unbelievable landscapes create a homely feeling within students.
Best universities: Technical University in Munich, Ludwig maximal university of Munich, Heidelberg University
Admissions cost per semester: $290, may vary depending on universities
Monthly living expenses: $1300 including rent on an average

4. Italy

The situation that Italy has faced in 2019-20 due to COVID was quite devastating and heartbreaking as a lot of people and students had lost their lives in the pandemic. But now Italy has geared up and been inviting foreign students keeping all the safety precautions into consideration.
Italian university offers a wide blend of Italian language and cultural studies including majors in fine arts and business. Also, students will witness beautiful art, astonishing food, natural landscapes, and classic historical sites that they didn’t know even existed.
Best universities: The University of Bologna, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Padua Admissions cost per semester: varies from $2500 -$8000
Monthly living expenses: $850-$1000 including accommodations

5. Japan

Japan is well known for its welcoming nature and hospitality that gives a safe environment for students who are interested in studying abroad in 2022. Its reputation in technological inventions and finest educational programs with historic cultural tradition had attracted international students to go overseas. Other than studies, students can explore high-class transportation facilities and gadgets, delicious dishes, and historical monuments.
Best universities: Tokyo institute of technology, Tokyo University Kyoto University
Admissions cost per semester: Varies between 3000 dollars to 8000 dollars
Monthly Living expenses: $1500 including rent approximately

6. New Zealand

New Zealand is the only country with no COVID cases till now. So it is a great option for students who want to study abroad in 2022. The universities of New Zealand provide study options in Animation, Information Technology, Maori, and Zoology. With awe-inspiring landscapes and crowded cities, students can enjoy amazing experiences with exciting adventures like glacier hiking, clean water rafting, paragliding, stunning beaches, bungee jumping, and wildlife sanctuaries other than studies.

Best universities: Auckland University, Victoria University, Wellington, and Otago University Admissions cost per semester: Varies between $7500 to $11000
Monthly Living expenses: Around $1500 including rent

7. Spain

Other than language study programs, universities in Spain offer higher studies in marketing, business, and finance. Students having a study background in arts and culture can join any top university in Spain to learn artistic and linguistic skills. Spanish is the mother tongue and also the most spoken language of Spain. So, once you try to speak Spanish, you will be loved and appreciated by the localities.

Best universities: The Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Madrid

Admissions cost per semester: Varies between $400 to $2500

Monthly Living expenses: $1,000 including rent can be expected

8. Thailand

The land of smiles, Thailand is a top-class destination for students who want to study abroad in 2022 by taking study programs that include Veterinary, East Asian Studies, Biology, and Zoology. This East Asian country has attractive roads, a floating market, bustling cities, beautiful beaches, and local quality goods. Students enjoy studying historical books at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, and eat delicious dishes from local vendors at reasonable prices.

Best universities: University of Mahidol and University of Chulalongkorn

Admissions cost per semester: Varies between $500 to 3000 dollars

Monthly Living expenses: A ballpark amount of $1000 including rent

9. United Arab state Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is popular for its top-notch architecture and expensive lifestyle. Students get easily attracted to various viable options offered by the UAE which include long-term student visas, scholarship programs, and direct enrollment to the universities in popular streams like religion study, computer science, architecture technology, and business. As the country has more than 75% international students and workers which means students can enjoy diverse cultures, cuisines, and languages.

Best universities: University of Khalifa, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates University Admissions cost: Varies between 4000 to 20000 dollars

Monthly Living expenses: Somewhere around $1200 including rent

10. United Kingdom

In 2021, England had restricted students to travel to their country due to the rise of the covid-19 cases which had forced students to study online but now they are welcoming students for admission in their spring semesters.

England is well known for its famous academic institutions like Oxford and Cambridge which have consistently ranked as the best universities in terms of technology, innovation, and research. International students get royal experience living in modern cities like Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Glasgow as they enjoy afternoon teas, retro cars, castles, towers, bridges, pubs, and many more historical sites.

Best universities: Imperial College London, Oxford University, Cambridge University

Admissions cost per semester: Varies from $6000 to $15000

Monthly Living expenses: Can be as high as $2000-$3000 including rent.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have got a valid reason and opportunity to study abroad programs in 2022, you will enjoy a good time to explore the country, culture, and language as every country has unique features to offer. So make your dream come true and choose a perfect country to acquire valuable knowledge and also explore new, wonderful adventures while giving a shining direction to your career in the long run.

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