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INFOGRAPHIC: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Studying Abroad

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You have made the decision. You have decided to pursue higher studies abroad. You have a faint idea of where you want to go and what course you want to do, but the process befuddles you. How does one prepare for this gargantuan leap? Do you give your graduate admission tests first or do you shortlist colleges first? And which countries should be on the top of your study abroad list?


To say that all these questions and doubts can be unnerving is stating nothing but the obvious. It can be enough to put you off any study abroad dreams you are nurturing. Don’t let that be the case. This infographic, which is a step-by-step guide to studying abroad, will give you a timeline and an overview that will help you prepare for the college admission process a year in advance.

Preparing to Study Abroad: The Timeline

 Study abroad info-graphic

The first decision to take is when you intend to study abroad. Once that first step is taken, it’s a simple enough process; all you need to ensure is that you stick to your deadlines and that your preparations are on point.


Here is a quick recap of the things to do when preparing to study abroad.

  • Decide when you want to study abroad
  • Decide how long you want the duration of the course to be
  • Shortlist the courses you are interested in
  • Talk to alumni of shortlisted courses to get a feel of the program
  • Get an understanding of the application forms and deadlines for your selected courses
  • Start looking for scholarships and financial aid
  • Start preparing for requisite graduation admission tests and take the tests
  • Prepare all the requisite documents for your application (resume, SOP, academic transcripts)
  • Apply to the programs and universities of your choice
  • Ensure financial readiness
  • Once you receive admission confirmation, apply for documentation like visa etc
  • Learn more about the country in question, get an understanding of the culture, and learn language basics (if the country’s official language is one you don’t speak).
  • Enjoy the experience!

Best of luck with your higher studies and your dreams of studying in a foreign country.

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