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10 GOT characters as teachers in school

GOT characters as teachers in school


So, we are pretty sure that you guys are hooked onto Game of Thrones (GOT) as much as the next person out there. Unfortunately though for all the GOT fans, the last episode of Season 7 airs today. Now we are so familiar with all the GOT characters ever since the first episode of GOT aired that we probably feel we know them really well. There is another set of people that we interact with daily over a large period of time and those are our teachers. Have you ever wondered what the GOT characters would be like teachers? If you observe closely (which we are pretty sure you already have) there are quite a few similarities between GOT characters and the teachers in our school.


Let us go through 10 of these and get our funny bones ticking. After all students rarely get to have the last laugh, right?


Ned Stark - The Favourite One

  • Ned Stark – The Favourite One

We all have our favourite teachers in school and if Ned Stark were one he would be scoring high on the “most liked” scale. He knows his stuff but is easygoing and that amounts to a lot. After all a favourite is always someone who you can approach anytime and anywhere with whatever you want. Do you have a Ned Stark in your school as well?


  • Cersei Lannister - The Strict One

There HAS TO BE one strict teacher in school and Cersei Lannister definitely fits the bill. ‘My way or the highway’ is something she lives by. If you ever try to cross her you are in big trouble. We are sure you have this one teacher in school that you are really afraid of. AND the homework gets done way before time just to avoid the gaze or the punishment.


  • Jaime Lannister - The Wicked One

Ever been taught by someone who knows how to get his/her way every time? Well, Jaime Lannister seems like one such person. A good looking bloke who knows when and how to warm up to someone just so he can get his work done. Wicked in every sense. A likable teacher but who can be just as hard on you.


  • Daenerys - The Leader

The queen of the pack. The one who has the best ideas and gets everyone to back her up on it. Every school has a teacher who is the head of all the departments and who has the final word on every decision that is taken.


  • Jon Snow - The Clueless One

Someone who has absolutely no clue what is happening in class. Every time the teacher walks in she has to ask someone what needs to be taught next. Reminds you of Jon Snow, doesn’t it?


  • Arya Stark - The Rebellious One

One who will take a stand for the right and stand against anyone and anything that comes in the way. Have you ever had a teacher defend you because you were doing the right thing? Arya Stark will definitely be THAT teacher.


  • Sansa Stark - The Beautiful One

Boys definitely have that one teacher they have a massive crush on and who they adore to bits. Sansa Stark will rank really high on that list for sure.


  • Khal Drogo - The fit P.T. Teacher

Girls, you don’t have to feel left out. We always have that fit, handsome P.T. teacher to drool over. Khal Drogo is both fit and handsome. We can always imagine or wish for someone like him to be our P.T. teacher right?


  • Joffrey Baratheon - The Crazy One

Joffrey Baratheon will be that teacher who gives us piles of homework and tests and everything there is to make a students’ life miserable. After all only a crazy person would think of doing such a thing.


  • Tyrion Lannister - The Smartest One

Smart, likable, short and sweet is what describes Tyrion Lannister the best. We sure have one such teacher who is probably smartest among the lot and to whom students look up to. They make studies so much fun with smart tricks lined up their sleeves.

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