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5 Educational Resolutions for the New Year

As we inch gradually towards the end of the year, we find ourselves partaking in the age old custom of making New Year’s Resolutions that we aspire to, but don’t manage, to keep. However, for those few who actually strive towards a goal in a particular walk of life, resolutions are a constant reminder and a catalyst in their pursuit of success. While many people delve into the realm of physical fitness, there are numerous other ways you can better yourself in the coming year, one of them being by continuing your education. Here are some commitments that should belong in your to-do list since all of them have the potential to help you realize your ambitions.


Educational resolutions

Advance your career

With the job market getting more competitive with each passing day, it is important that individuals continue with their education in order to be more competitive. This helps them in building a better career, by turning them into highly prospective candidates. A bachelor and a masters degree is one of the many ways to set yourself apart. Even if you already are in your career of choice, say you’re an Electronics Engineer, you can improve upon your existing skill set by taking up a course in automation or robotics, wherein you are provided with a “Certificate of completion” in said course, signifying that the candidate has improved upon their previous standing, giving you a boost when the time comes for advancement opportunities.  


                                     Career advancement

Explore a new area of study

Exploring a new area of study introduces you to a world of possibilities. It helps you gain a new perspective and also does something for your cognitive skills, and mental faculties. Constantly acquiring new skills and learning something new keeps your brain from going rusty and allows a person to remain grounded, because the realization of how much knowledge is available in the world, and the subsequent realization of how each person knows only a fragment of it, can be both humbling and enlightening.

                                     Explore new areas of study

Go to guest lectures and seminars

More often than not, going to guest lectures and seminars can turn out to be a positive experience in terms of being able to comprehend your course subject better. The guest lecturers are highly eloquent speakers who have respectable subject knowledge and a considerable amount of experience that lends them credibility. However, identifying whose teachings to heed and follow takes precedence since the market is flooded with workaday speakers. There are a myriad of such sessions namely TED Talks, IdeaCity, The DO Lectures, PopTech, and INK Talks amongst others. Attending such sessions can help broaden your horizons by helping you gain new insights. Also, references from lecturers can help you during interviews by moving you up the pecking order, since these lecturers are highly influential individuals.

                                     Lectures and seminars

Be reflective

Reflecting upon your past actions and efforts is a tool in learning that otherwise underrated, is a highly effective practice in helping one progress. Constantly asking yourself, “How can I do this better?” or “Where can I find ideas to make this better?” can help you identify your limits and make a conscious effort to push past them resulting in a more rewarding experience.


Manage your time and organize your activities

While this one isn’t so much as a new resolution as much it is a daily planner to keep track of progress, it is effective nonetheless. Acts include using a planner, and making a consistent schedule that you stick to no matter what. Develop a system to track important study materials, refer books on the same topic by different authors, while periodically evaluating your performance.

                                          Time management



These are only a handful of resolutions that could be dreamt up. However, these are the most practical since it could be applicable to just about anyone. You could conceive of various such ones, but the most important resolution of all would be to follow the ones you’ve made.

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