5 Things Engineering Students Demand from their Campus Life



Scrutinising all the courses and opting for the best B.Tech course can be quite a challenge for a student. After all, this is what decides their future. The transition from school to college can be overwhelming especially if the student gets enrolled in engineering. A student suddenly enters an environment that expects them to take up full responsibilities and act mature. However, there are many things that an engineering student expects from the college board regarding the campus life. From having a sterile study environment to ample opportunities that helps in showcasing the abilities and talent they inhibit, they look forward to everything.


Here are the top five things that engineering students demand and expect from a college they wish to get enrolled in. Take a look!



Industry Exposure


Internships and seminars are the best way to provide industry exposure to the students. Not only does it help them have confidence but also increases their self-esteem. From cracking the job interview well with confidence to excelling at the campus placement drive, they become a pro at everything with ample industry exposure. There are many engineering colleges like BML Munjal University that provide excellent internship options to their students (in the final year) that give them a clear idea about how the industry functions and what are their areas of improvement.


World-Class Infrastructure


College becomes the second home of any student. Over months, it becomes the place where they spend maximum time, making infrastructure and on-campus facilities one of the most important aspects of the college life. No student dreams of studying in an institution where the buildings are left unrestored, look rundown, the classrooms are ill maintained and no other proper facilities. The physical condition of the buildings and other parts of the campus leave a positive and adverse impact on the morale, affect attendance and grades as well. That makes it clear that a well-planned college campus with all possible facilities can work wonders.


Life Beyond Academics


They say, “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Taking away fun from learning can become a hurdle in the mental and professional growth of any students. Thus, maintaining the perfect balance between studies and leisure activities becomes a mandate. Any student while scrutinising the colleges makes sure it offers ample opportunities that help them take a break from studies and showcase their non-academic skills as well. From being host to various edutainment events to music concerts and cultural events, an engineering college must create the right balance between studies and entertainment. After all, overall development is what makes students excel in academics as well.


Educational Trips and Excursions


Learning isn’t complete till it involves fun. Trips and excursions are the perfect excuses to give the students a break from attending classes and chasing attendance. Some of the advantages are as under:


·         Direct source of knowledge and first-hand information.


·         Opportunity to develop aesthetic sense.


·         Growth of problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and observation power.


·         Connection building with seniors, juniors, and faculty members.


·         Understanding the power of entertainment and education when combined.


Sports and Cultural Activities


There is a huge connection between sports and grades. However, sadly, not a lot of students and colleges pay heap to it. From keeping the students away from depression to fighting obesity and improving grades, sports can do it all with ease. Dedicating even an hour to sports or any other activity that thestudent likes can show a drastic improvement in grades. Involvement in sports makes the brain function better, increase concentration power and thus score better grades in the examination.


To sum it up, any student when taking admission in a college is committing a minimum of four years of his/her life to the institution. They opt for the best B.Tech course that can land them in their dream job and expect the college to offer them with facilities that can help them grow and chase their dream well.

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