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7 mobile apps that make learning mathematics simpler for school students

Mathematics - It just got easy and fun


Mobile Apps – New and exciting ways to learn Mathematics; Image Courtesy:


Mathematics! It does run a shiver down the spine to even think about solving the Xs and the Ys. Well, this is the reaction of most school students when it comes to learning Mathematics. It is not easy for the Maths teachers either, to teach a subject that is probably the most disliked in school. Considering this, it is now easier for both the students and the teachers, to learn and teach mathematics, respectively, with the new mobile apps that make mathematics simpler and fun to learn.

Here is a look at 7 mobile apps that will drive away your nightmares about mathematics.

Photomath - An interesting way to learn Maths


The PhotoMath App is an interesting way to learn and enjoy Maths

  1. PhotoMath: Making maths simple is the motto of this mobile app. The camera of your mobile phone detects, reads and solves the mathematical problem step by step, in real time, to give a complete understanding of the problem. This mobile app supports various functions of mathematics like, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, arithmetics, etc. With an enormous response of about 50,000,000 downloads so far, students who find Maths difficult, should definitely pay this app a visit.

  2. iMathematics: With a variety of learning modules, this mobile app solves equations, typed in by the student.

    Trigonometry - Mobile App
                      Learn Trigonometry with a mobile app; Image Courtesy:

  3. Trigonometry: In this mobile app, fill in the blanks and problem solving along with ‘Big Ideas’ and ‘Skill Summary’ screens are the methods used to teach trigonometry to those who are new to it. It has an answer-reveal approach with a simple design which makes it user friendly as well.

  4. PhET: Designed by the University of Colorado, PHET is available in various languages and covers diverse topics through free educational simulations.

  5. Math Pro: Easy to use, Math Pro helps in understanding basic mathematical concepts through definitions, illustrated formulae and concepts. Building on the basic level of maths, it engages the student in higher level mathematics with an easy to understand approach.

    Meritnation - Now School is Easy
                               Meritnation App just made Maths easy; Image Courtesy:

  6. Meritnation: Mathematics section on Meritnation includes problems and their solution from each chapter. It is free for Android and iOS users. For Indian students, it covers the entire syllabus from 6th to 12th standard, for CBSE, ICSE as well as the state boards of Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

  7. Mathematicus: Have a hard time remembering formulae? This is the best mobile app for you. Its database covers all the important formulae and you can check for what you need, any time. The formulae are classified under different topics for easy access to the student.

With these 7 mobile apps and many more in store, Mathematics surely got exciting. School students will definitely find these apps helpful.

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