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7 Moments You Go Through At the End of Each Semester and Start of Exam Season

The exam season has begun and so is the hoopla around it. There are SO MANY things to do and so little time. You are bound to have a few misses and that is where the fun(ny) begins.


The end of the semester brings with it joy and scare at the same time. The vacation will begin soon but let’s face it, exams are SCARY! What are the moments you go through in such a situation? Let us find out.

We all have gone through all of these at some point. They are so common yet we never stop doing them.


End of Semester : Watching Videos on Facebook

1. Facebook and YouTube

Someone tags you in a video on Facebook and the next thing you know, you are watching a koala bear sleeping on a tree with people trying to get a click with him, on YouTube. That is how random we are!


End of Semester : Caffeine Overdose

2. Oh! Heavenly Coffee.

With so much to do at the end of the semester and with a bunch of exams coming up, coffee is your only solution to staying awake. Mind you though, that caffeine intake goes kaput after two highly energized days and you just want to go to sleep again.


End of Semester : Losing Your Assignments

3. Losing your Assignments

Worked hard on an assignment or a research paper & journal? Imagine losing it all because you forgot to save it and your entire data gets erased. OH! THE HORROR!


End of Semester : Forgetting to Eat

4. Did you forget to eat?

Oh yes, that has happened to each and every one of us. We are sometimes so focused on studying that we often forget to have our lunch and dinner breaks. Let us not do that this time.


End of Semester : Failing at a Study Group

5. Failed in a Study Group

We put in so much effort for a subject and enter the room for group study. There it goes down the drain because someone or some thing is really distracting. Been there, done that?


End of Semester : Running Late for the Exam

6. Running Late for the Exam

Forgot to put an alarm? The exam just 10 minutes away, you can blame it on the traffic maybe.


End of Semester : Cellphone Rings in the middle of the exam


Snap! In all the hurry, you forgot to switch off your cellphone. Who can really blame you now!

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