8 Cool Things to do After your Board Exams are Over


The Board exams are going to be over in a couple of days from now. The students who have appeared for their Board exams this year can now sit back and relax for few months until the results are out. After putting in so much effort and hard work, the students can now find some time for themselves to enjoy. If you’ve already finished your Board exams or are about to finish it in soon, here are some cool things to after that:

1. Join a hobby class

Join a hobby class

If you are interested towards a particular activity, this is the best time to learn it. Joining a hobby class is the best way to explore your hidden talent and learn something you truly love. It is one of the best ways to utilize the time before the results are declared and you can always make new friends in the class.

2. Host a house party

Host a house party


Take the help of your parents and host a house party for your friends and family. You can arrange some movies, music  and snacks to help everyone enjoy. You can also arrange some indoor games for the guests like Chess and Bingo. House parties are a great way to meet a lot of people, especially those whom you haven’t seen in a while.

3. Binge watch your favorite TV series

Binge watch your favorite TV series

One of the best ways to spend your free time is to binge watch your favorite movies and TV series. Make a list of all the new releases that you’ve missed due to your exams and start watching them as soon as you can.

4. Read as many books as you can

read books

Develop the habit to read books to improve your knowledge and vocabulary. If you love reading, you can utilize these 2 months before your Board results by reading as many books as you can. Even if you are not into reading books, try to read anything at least for an hour everyday.

5. Work with an NGO

Work with an NGO

Join a local NGO to work for a noble cause. Do your bit by supporting, participating and working for those in need. A social work certificate is can be helpful for your career later on.

6. Go on a tour


Shortlist the place where you want to go and plan a trip with your family. Make the most out of your family trip by trekking, camping, swimming and doing a lot of adventure sports. Click pictures, enjoy the weather and food and experience the beauty of the place to the fullest.

7. Learn a foreign language

Learn a foreign language

You can learn a foreign language after your Board exams, it is a very interesting activity and it’s always good to know a foreign language as it can help you if you decide to study abroad or even while looking for a job.

8. Attend a Career Counseling Session

Attend a Career Counselling Session

The break after your Board exams is the best time to think and decide about your future career path. If you cannot figure out yourself, attend a career counseling session and know which career path can be fruitful for you.

As much as you need to relax after your Board exams are over, it is also necessary that you do something productive for yourself. Try to learn or do something new that can help you hone your skills. How many of these things listed above, you think you’ll try?


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