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10 Funny Excuses One Gives To Avoid Studying For Exams

On the occasion of Children’s Day we bring to you a few excuses that you, me or your friends have given to avoid studying for exams (in some cases, until the last minute).


Studying for exams is a pain to say the least unless you have a God-gifted talent or memory to remember everything that has been taught all year long. No wonder then that most of us have an aversion towards exams and have tried to stay far from it. If only we were that lucky.

For some of you it will be a trip down memory lane while some of you might just sit back and laugh about how many of these excuses you might have used already to skip studying.

Let’s get started then!


I will study tomorrow | Children's Day


  • I will definitely start tomorrow. Did we really? The last minute studying gave us a rush, didn’t it?!


I need to catch up on sleep | Children's Day

  • I need to get some sleep before I start studying. How will I get anything done if I’m sleepy? This is one excuse every kid, all around the world, must have used.


I am hungry! | Children's Day

  • I am hungry! Have you ever noticed how you get hunger pangs just when you’re about to start studying?


I have attended almost every day of school | Children's Day

  • I have attended almost every day of school so I’m sure I will be fine. Remember how I spoke about the God-gifted memory? Whoever used or is going to use this as an excuse sure is talented.


I don't have the study material | Children's Day

  • I have not received all the study material yet. That is not a good sign. So maybe I should begin studying when I have all the material.


It's Nap Time | Children's Day

  • Nap time! I have been studying all day. I sure deserve some rest with all the hard work that I put in.


Children's Day

  • Let’s make an organized list of things I need to do. All the fancy notebooks and pens and stationery comes out to make a one page list.


Children's Day

  • OMG! I thought it was going to be a one page list. How am I going to finish ALL of THAT in such a short time?! God, please help me!


Children's Day

  • Okay! Lets not panic. I will get up early in the morning and study. You don’t even realize when the morning has turned into afternoon and your mom is screaming from the kitchen to tell you that your lunch is ready. Panic button ON again!


Children's Day

  • I don’t want to study. Well who does, right? There are so many other fun things to do like sleeping and eating or pretending to be a superhero.

These are probably only half of the excuses we have tried on ourselves and others but they do not go out of style. Hope you have a smile on your face now!

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