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Animal Kingdom

Amazing  Grey  Whales

The San Ignacio lagoon which cuts into the Baja peninsula of Mexico is one of the main winter homes of the grey whales. These amazing creatures are actually quite friendly. They allow people to touch, stroke and even kiss them ! Most grey whales spend the summer months in the Polar seas off the coast of Alaska. In the autumn they migrate southwards, travelling 10,000 kilometers to the warm shallow lagoons of Mexico’s Pacific coast. In these waters, the female whales give birth to their young ones. In the late winter or spring, they begin their long journey back to the northern seas.

When whales come up to the surface of the water to breathe, their warm and moist breath shoots up, condensing into a cloud of mist. Grey whales are 4 to 5 meters long when they are born. At this time they weigh 500 to 900 kilograms. A mother whale may be 10 to 15 meters and weigh around 18 to 36 tonnes !

Grey whales were discovered in 1846 in the San Ignacio lagoons by whale hunters. During the next 20 to 30 years, they were hunted almost to the point of extinction. Since 1937 these whales have been considered as endangered species and have been protected. Today their population has grown to nearly twenty-six thousand !

The Sharp Nose of the Shark

Sharks have an exceptionally sharp sense of smell. Their chemically sensitive nerve endings connect to a special part of the brain called the olfactory area. A special feature of sharks is that their olfactory areas take up a  very large portion of their brains. They can smell blood underwater too. Sharks are sometimes described as ‘swimming noses.’

Dogs Can Be Vegetarian Too !

It is not necessary to feed dogs meat; they can do without milk too ! To make sure that dogs live long, stay healthy and happy, a vegetarian mixture containing the following ingredients can be made and fed to them. This mixture may be cooked with sufficient water and made into a porridge. Better still, it can be baked as biscuits. Let’s check out this fantastic recipe and prepare it for our best friend – our pet dog!


  1. Soya bean flour – 480 grams
  2. Wheat flour – 160 grams
  3.  Bajra flour – 160 grams
  4.  Maize flour – 160 grams
  5. Edible oil – 20 grams
  6. Skimmed milk powder – 10 grams
  7. Salt – 5 grams

To make the porridge cook the above mixture with sufficient water.
If you want to bake biscuits with this mixture, add 5 grams of dried yeast powder.

Ideal Dog’s Diet For A Day


Morning :  Rice and Dal

Early Evening : Chapati, dal, soyabean and two different vegetables.

Night : Just some doggy biscuits.

Note :  The soyabean should be soaked overnight and crushed. The vegetables can be cooked with a little oil, sliced onions, garlic, coriander powder and turmeric powder.
Dogs can be started on this meal schedule when they are 4 – 5 months of age. In fact vegetarian dogs have glossier coats and fewer diseases.


Almost all children are scared of animals especially dogs, but you can get over this fear if you follow some simple rules.

  1. Always approach a dog from the front so that it can see you and sniff you. Dogs generally like to sniff people because this way they recognize the friendly ones.
  2. Never tease or mistreat animals. This can provoke them to attack or bite.
  3. Don’t  hand-feed animals whose bite may be bigger than the portion of food being offered.
  4. You can consider keeping a pet dog at home. Once you start feeding and caring for the dog, all your fears will disappear.

Doggy Laughs

First Dog : “I taught my owner a new trick.”

Second Dog : ” What trick ?”

First Dog : ” Every time I hold out my paw, my owner shakes it ! “

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