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How to Use Computers?

There is so much to creating and handling documents in Word that more always seems less. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

The more recent versions of MS Word offer new special effects to your text. If you’re looking for a new way to make  a headline or title stand out, try the following –

Select the text you want to change and go to the menu option titled ‘Format’ followed by ‘font’. Then go to the middle column and under effects, choose any one effect that you want from the following – outline, shadow, emboss, engrave. You can also view the effect you choose in a small box in the corner. Once you click OK, you will find your headline displaying the selected effect. Remember that the larger the text size, the better these effects will look in print.

You can change everything on your default document – fonts, spacing between paragraphs, heading styles and so on. You just have to change the style template that your document uses. This style template is the de facto standard your text file chooses whenever you open a new document or work on an existing one. In order to change this template, you can use Word’s ‘Style Gallery’. Take the following steps:

  1. Choose Format – Style Gallery from the top menu.
  2. Select a template from the ‘Template’ box.
  3. You can see what your document will look like from the preview box.
  4. When you find the look you like, click OK.

Word Wisdom

  1. Select a rectangular block of text at any point on a page by pressing the ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard while dragging the cursor.
  2.  Draw quick lines by simply typing several dashes or underlines and hitting ‘Enter’.
  3. To highlight a sentence anywhere in your document, hold the ‘control’ key down and click on the sentence.

Simple Explanations to Terms and Phrases used in the Digital World
Internet :  The vast collection of interconnected networks that use a common language called TCP / IP. The Internet rose from the Arpanet and today links billions of computers in almost every country of the world. In simpler words, the Internet is a worldwide computer system that people use to exchange messages.

Byte :  A set of bits that represent a single character.

Kilobyte : A thousand bytes.
Megabyte : A million bytes.
Network : Anytime you connect two or more computers together, to enable them to share resources, you have a computer network.

WWW :  frequently used when referring to the ‘Internet’, www or just ‘the web’ is that part of the internet allowing text, graphics, sound, video, files etc to be mixed together.

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