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Manage your exam preparation time judiciouslyMake this world a better place to live inMaking the most of hostel life

Time may well be rated as one of the most valuable assets of human life. It is the most powerful factor
in each and every walk of life. Nobody can ever escape from its clutches. In fact, it is as inexorable as fate. Therefore it is best to make the best possible use of time for individual growth, development and prosperity. There goes a famous adage — “Time and tide wait for none.” If you fail to make proper use of time, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

It cannot be denied that the time factor plays a predominant role in the lives of young people, especially students. While they are students irrespective of the class or level of education, the students must utilize the time in developing good manners, healthy /hygienic habits, imbibe moral values and basic ideals. These formative years are thus the most crucial ones. The human mind being highly sensitive and flexible during this phase, it is easier to learn a lot of new (and good) things, discard unwarranted ones, formulate definite ideas and views about major issues and life itself.
While you are a student, you are required to divide your time broadly between studies, recreation and basic personal chores. No matter how many counselors /guides you may have, ultimately you would be the best judge for managing your own time.

Vital Tips on Time Managament:

First and foremost make a permanent timetable and chalk out your proposed activities during the entire day. Do not make watertight programmes. Allow some extra time before and after each activity to compensate for unforeseen constraints like power cuts, strikes, traffic jams, heavy rains and water logging, riots etc.

In case you sit down to serious studies, ensure beforehand that you encounter least disturbance. Switch off your mobile, put on your answering machine (alternatively take the phone of the hook) and then settle down to work.

Fix up particular day/s of the week for receiving guests/ visitors. You must tell people categorically that on certain days you are not to be disturbed unless it is an emergency. If you have no pressing jobs or are holidaying, then people are quite welcome anytime.

Try clubbing a number of jobs together. For instance, you can listen to your favourite music while taking a shower/bath, or washing your clothes, read something, while waiting for foodstuffs to boil, or getting your hair set, file/polish your fingernails while commuting to and from work, knit while going to places in your car, catch forty winks while getting a facial-cum-massage done. In fact there are hundreds of odd jobs you can accomplish in this manner.

Whatever is the subject of your study, make copious notes, which you can carry along with you and glance through, whenever you find some time. However do not make a show of it.

Nowadays personal computers with Internet connection, have become commonplace. So if you have one it could be a good alternative for extensive research and save the time that would be spent in going down to the library.

You must devote at least half an hour each day to a fitness regimen, physical activity or some kind of sport.

You must eat your meals at proper times. Dilly-dallying over food results in loss of time.

Make sure you get at least 5-6 hours of sound sleep every night and get fully refreshed. If you end up feeling tired or drowsy, all your careful planning will go haywire.

Television watching has become the bane of modern day lifestyle, across the globe. So in case you desire to utilise your time effectively, you will need to cut down heavily on watching trivialities on the idiot box.

In whatever you do, be it studies project, assignment, part time/summer jobs etc. set a deadline for yourself, and be serious about meeting the deadline. This will help you to be methodical and systematic in approach.

If you happen to travel for a few days it would be worthwhile to carry some of your papers and notes with you. It is quite possible that you might find some peace and quiet, which could be well utilised in brushing up a few points. However, do not make a show of studying while talking to people or overhearing other people’s conversations.
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