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Guidelines for Success

In  today’s competitive world, where everyone is craving hard to be on the top , no matter whatever field they may pursue, to
be  Number One  is the “In”. A student, who has  passed the 10th class or is  just a graduate cannot excel in today’s era unless equipped  with either a professional degree or innovation in other fields.The age of gender discrimination has taken a backseat and men and women have become equally responsible citizens .

Now if you want to stand up and above the rat race  and prove your point ; you need to systematize your ways of studying and achieve the desired goals. Here are a few guidelines for success :

  • Planning your Work : Plan your work and then execute  your plans. Decide what you want to achieve and then focus on how to accomplish it.

  • Time Management : Remember the phrase ” Time and Tide wait for none”. You  should prepare a complete timetable about your study period and don’t forget to add some leisure time too. Be an opportunist and grab the time that’s available.

  • Self confidence : “Nothing is impossible”: never say I cannot do this ; this decreases your self esteem and self confidence. With sincere efforts and of course lots of hard work,even the most tedious tasks can be accomplished.

  • Keep Trying : Perseverance and persistence  pays off! So keep trying and one day you will achieve  your goals.

  • Overconfidence  is disastrous ; it may lead to your failure .It really gives a big setback to your achievement.

  • Reading : Read as much as you can; do not try to cram everything .It destroys your ability to use your own brains in case of tricky  and unforeseen questions.

  • Determination : Be focused on your goal and be determined to accomplish it.

  • Active Participation : Participate in every activity of your school/ college/ institute.

  • Hard work : Remember that destiny is another name of hard work.

  • Good Etiquettes : Observe a dignified attitude  towards your elders and teachers
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