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5 things every 24 year old should know

The age of 24 is a definitive time in one’s life. As a human and even more so as a resource, we are the abstract start-up that everyone expects will make millions and contribute to society in a way society sees fit. But in this day and age where the future isn’t set in stone for you as to what you as an individual will contribute to society’s amelioration and subsequently in the pursuit of the betterment of your own persona you find yourself asking questions as to what this is the point of a corporate life or a 9 to 5 job. Because for most people, the age of twenty-four is, more often than not the turning point in their lives. It’s the age when you start getting a feel of the real world and start feeling more like an adult more so than any other point in your life. It is the moment when you feel you are truly in control of your future. And while most of us don’t have it all figured out at twenty-four that’s only natural. Life is a long road of challenges, surprises and changes and through the raucousness of it all we will be ‘made’. While still aiming for ‘made’ when you don’t know what it constitutes of there are a few tips that’ll help you get there.


Don’t live someone else’s dream

You may not have the same dream as you once did when you were younger. You may not like your job but it pays for your bills and grubs. But dreams can change. Your perspective is allowed to change. You don’t have to keep working a job you don’t like to appease someone who doesn’t appreciate it. If you believe you will find greener pastures elsewhere take the leap and do it now. This age is the best time to do it as you have already gotten your feet wet in the real world and you also know what you want so you can take rational measures to make effective decisions.

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Become a master salesperson of yourself

Sales are the basis of all business. You know what sets you apart but unless you can convey that to someone effectively it isn’t going to do much for you except keeping you content for a while. A person is always selling even if he job profile doesn’t include sales in the job description. A foundation in how to sell can serve as an effective stepping stone giving you a leg up and the edge over other competitors and peers.732001

Be very good at one thing

This rings true more than any other. Even if you have a steady job or you are already at a place which you think is apposite of your caliber, please don’t rest. Corporate firms or any odd business are notorious for pulling the rug beneath your feet without any warning. Be so good at your job that you are irreplaceable. Learn all the terminologies of your department so that even if worse comes to worst you won’t be helplessly wandering around looking for a new job.uzman

Begin ‘advocate’ networking

While the enhancement of self is dependent upon you, we all need people outside of that to help expose us to new ventures and help us gain new opportunities. Focus on creating value for other people rather than just meeting them because people are always interested in what you can do for them. This is concordant to being a master salesperson of yourself. Your networking success will come to the fore when you need it most. Also keep in mind the golden rule of networking “Measure your networking success by how many important people you’ve helped not how many important people you’ve met”.


Invest in your personal growth

The more you invest in yourself, the more you accrue. Everything you are insecure about is an opportunity for growth. Depart the proverbial comfort zone and open up yourself to new possibilities whatever they might be. Stop disguising yourself and spend all your energies into knowing more about yourself. You never know you could find an attribute so noteworthy, you weren’t aware you had.

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The road less taken isn’t always easy. Having the courage to brave the odds and making a life out of yourself will never be easy but it certainly is going to be rewarding. Always keep asking yourself what could you do, what do you want. Don’t take people’s opinions to heart. Don’t dwell on your past or let others make your decisions for you. Because, if you don’t run wild, you will never learn to pick yourself up.

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