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Why Students Should Start a Blog in College Days and Tips to Grow That

Why you should start a blog as a student



In 2006, a certain college student started blogging during his college days under the blog Hack College. Kelly Sutton, the student, in his words started the site out of “unprecedented curmudgeonliness at the mere age of 19”. From then Hack College has only taken a life of its own, educating “students of the world about effective, open source software, putting techno-political arguments in everyday language, and creating a cult of “Students 2.0.”

A simple idea which gained a lot of traffic. If you want to get a job as soon as you graduate, you should start a blog. Why so? A good blog is a resume which is constantly updated. If you build a name for yourself on an online platform, then good jobs will come to you.

Great Things Start from Small Beginnings

Starting a blog is like establishing yourself as an expert. As soon as you graduate college, the next thing you need to consider is finding a decent job. The problem is you don’t have experience just yet. So, how can you compete with people who’ve already gained experience and have much more knowledge of that particular field? You can’t showcase your skills and knowledge relevant to your field in just a 30-minute interview. But, you can show them the same via a blog. Just think about it for a moment. If you selected a topic today, and you do this on a weekly basis, you have 52 articles in a year. This can build your credibility.

Solidifies Your Knowledge

In many ways a human being’s brain can be lousy and it is unable to retain a lot of information. In fact, if you input some facts both, to your brain and computer, more often than not the computer will always win. But still, the human’s brain is the greatest computer in the universe. In the process of gaining knowledge, 90% comes from teaching others while practicing the same gains you 75% of the knowledge.

Express Yourself and Your Ideas

Keep in mind that there is a difference between article, news, and, blog. While writing a blog you are free to talk about anything; your ideas, beliefs and even what you think about happenings, politics, celebrities, and so on. A blog gives you the chance to express what you feel and at some point, other internet users can be inspired by the same.

Now that you know what the benefits of writing a blog on your own during your college days are, it is time for you to build your reputation online. How so? There are several factors to keep in mind.

Let us now take you through those important factors which will help you start writing a blog:

Select a Topic

Selecting a topic can take a lot of time. You should know by now that when doing this, it must be an area of your expertise. If you’re taking an IT course, how about SEO, CRO, Android, or Mac topics? In case you are in the marketing business, writing blogs about digital marketing is key. There are a lot of opportunities when you look at the big picture. Take the time you need before selecting a topic.

Select a topic for your blog

Target Audience

Next, consider your target audience. Keep in mind that different people have different preference when it comes to their tone of your writing. For instance, going back to the IT example, you can’t use a lot of terminologies while writing for an audience which has no idea of what you are talking about. College students, for example, prefer to read blogs that connect with their thoughts. This means that you can use slang words since your readers are students like you. But not, when your target audience is made up of professionals. You can also refer to Design School which is great and immensely successful when it comes to writing on the right topics and for the right audience.


Finally, never forget to use images that can capture your reader’s’ attention. Keep in mind that images can quickly register with the brain while words cannot. Just take your own example; wouldn’t you prefer watching movies rather than reading the book versions of Harry Potter. The same goes for blogs that you are going to publish. Images can be the game changer to seek your audience’s attention.

Importance of Images in a Blog

Use Online Tools

If you don’t have any knowledge of using Photoshop CC or any other type of image editing tool. You can never go wrong with Canva. Canva is a tool for anyone and everyone who wants to make images, GIF, and animation that can capture anyone’s attention. You don’t need more than a basic knowledge when it comes to editing. As long as you know how to click your mouse and drag, you can create beautiful, captivating images for your blog.

Use Online Tools to Create a Great Blog

Proof Reading

 Proofreading is essential but remember the aim is to have your message clear not that your grammar has to be the best it can ever be. Your language does need to be correct but does not mean that if it is incorrect it is the end of the world. The tone matters when it comes to your target audience. This is where you showcase of the things you’ve learned from college or based on experience. You can use several tools when it comes to proofreading your work.

Build Your Network

As soon as you have several blogs written, it is time to build your network. It is alright to make the most out of your social media account especially on Facebook. But if you really want to make an impact prior to embarking on your career or soon-to-be profession, it is wise to use LinkedIn. This is where the market network is and this would be your leverage when finding a job.

These tips can help you build your blog and establish your name in the market which can eventually lead to a great career. Best of Luck!

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