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How to Write an Excellent Student CV


Getting employed is literally one of the most struggling phases of our lives. The only thing that helps and builds our confidence on the pathway to getting employed is CV also known as Resume. It is definitely something that needs a lot of thought before making it the one that can be counted on, while we are still graduating; after all it is the hope to getting employed.


Student CV

Making a CV includes listing down skills that you are really good at. It is a little tough to make a CV but think of all the good things you might discover in the process of making a Curriculum Vitae.

Before making a CV for your own employment and record purposes it is important to note the following points:

Accurate Information

A CV needs information that can be reliable and is accurate. The data provided on the CV is to be trustworthy and cross-checked before sending it via email or submitting it in print. Start with writing down your name, address and phone number for contact purposes. The initial information on CV should have brief information about you.

For eg: 

Joan Ryder, 212 baker st, New Orleans, US +10123456

I am a third year mechanical engineer studying in the Boston University. I am capable of leadership skills and management skills. With an experience in dealing with customers during my part time job as customer service employee at XYZ automobiles, I developed my communication skills. I believe that working hard and making a positive change every day in the society can lead to a better and worthier future. I am determined to prove my best to help the company grow as well learn in the process.

Educational Background

Specifying your education and qualifications is mandatory in a CV. Listing down your education details in chronological order starting from your most recent qualification is presentable and appreciated.

For eg: Boston University – Under graduation in Mechanical Engineering

September 2016-present

1st year- Product Design (7.0 CGPA) Fluid Mechanics (6.75 CGPA)

2ndyear – Aerodynamics (6.75 CGPA) Mechanical Vibration (6.0 CGPA)

The highstride business management school, Highstride, New Orleans, NWO

2011 – 2014

Business management

Work Experience

It is important for the employer to understand your performance and skills based on your past or present experiences. Therefore mention all of your work experiences in this section providing information about your work and designation/role at work.

For eg:

2016 – Present

  • Currently working as a customer care executive at XYZ automobiles
  • Junior head of the customer service department
  • Role includes resolving and helping customers

Additional Skills

Mention your additional skills that prove beneficial at any work environment. Make sure to keep it on point.

For eg: Business management

  • Microsoft skills
  • Communication skills
  • Sports enthusiast

It is important to keep your CV/ resume up to date. Make sure you keep adding experiences your CV and submit to your employer/recruiter with relevant and accurate information. CVs also help the employer to understand and choose an employee that is suitable for the designation they are looking for, a CV helps them know that with brief details

Ideal Format for Student CV

It is important to make a CV that is presentable. There are three main aspects for creating a CV/resume.

The fonts, the font size is recommended according to the content formation and is recommended to fit the appropriate length for a CV/resume

Ideal Font for Student CV

Create a word document, choose your font that is readable and make sure it isn’t fancy or is not a cursive/handwritten font. We recommend you to use

1. Cambria (Headings) for your name, contact number and address.

2. Calibri (Body) for content; for eg: I am a third year mechanical engineer….

3. The font for title in every section should be in Calibri (Body) as well although preferably it should be in capital BOLD red colour; for eg: Personal information, Education, etc.

Ideal Font size for Student CV

For the introductory information i.e. your name, address and contact number the recommended size would be 12 in Cambria (Headings)

2. For the content, recommended size is 11 in Calibri (Body) for eg: I am a third year mechanical engineer.

3. For the title, recommended size is 11 in Calibri (Body) in the Bold text format. For eg: Personal information

Ideal Length of the Student CV

The length of an ideal CV should not be more than 1 to 1 and half page. It is important to keep the information on your CV in brief. The content on the CVs should be short and on-point. Too much information or unnecessary information can throw off the attention from the CV.

Check out the information brief information below that explain the motive/purpose of your CV.

1. Accurate information

2. Think before writing

3. Write in all your skills and interests

4. Chronological order of experiences

5. Personal information

6. Make it interesting with readable font and content that will keep the recruiter engaged with a twist on minimalism.

7. Write in what you best believe in and speak about how your career is an important factor

8. Write your qualifications chronological (recent to past)

9. Speak about your past experiences briefly yet informatively.

10. Mention your rewards just as a information

11. Make sure the links provided are working

12.  When sending out the CV make sure you send it with a cover letter that will let the recruiter understand more about you before offering you the internship.

A resume/CV is a document that speaks out the best skills and qualities within you, it is important to present it in a manner that will attract the recruiters and help them believe in you.

Refer the points for DO’s and DON’Ts in a CV/Resume



Readable font

Don’t write fake information

Accurate data about your experiences

Don’t use fancy fonts

Keep it short and simple

Don’t make grammatical mistakes

Proof read everything

Don’t use emoticons/emojis

We hope our information helps you to make your ideal CV/Resume.

Good luck on your recruitment!

*Note- The information provided as examples is imaginary.

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