Apps That You Can Absolutely Rely On For A Experiential Study Abroad!

Are you on your way to study in a foreign country? We’re sure you have been looking forward to this enriching experience for a long time now. To add to that, we really want all of your experiences while study abroad to be one perfect adventure that you can cherish lifelong. It’s also a great time to live in – the digital age which means you must make most of the technology and in the best possible way.


Apps to download

The smartphone generation as many refer has the facility that delivers instant solution for almost anything. The specifications of smartphones indulge into providing rapid facilities. With a single touch you can open up a world of information, communicate or even navigate to a place unknown. Almost everyone knows or is capable of making use of this wondrous device that connects everyone so quickly and well.

We have composed a listing that includes the mobile phone applications or apps that one must have on their devices. It will elevate your experience of studying abroad. The list is categorized by considering a student’s life abroad, the applications are listed according to basic needs a student might particularly need at some point whilst living abroad.

Express Communication


It is one of the most used apps around the world. Primary features include text message, voice call and video call other features includes sending attachments, voice recorded messages, etc.

Skype or Face time or BOTIM

Applications that provides free video calling facility. Since use of Skype and Whatsapp calls are banned in Middle East countries, BOTIM can be used for staying connected.

Travel and Navigation

Google Maps

A web mapping service that helps with navigation, finding routes, roads, etc. It will also help you in notifying about the traffic condition and fastest route to reach your destination.


The cab service app is available in almost all the countries around the world.


An app that will help you with booking tickets or booking hotel or event rent cars for experiencing various destinations abroad.


Google Translator

Rely on Google translator for understanding a language you are not familiar with. Features include translating a sentence or phrase by clicking a photo. It provides translation to almost every language in the world.


XE Currency or Currency convertor

Make use of apps that will help you understand the value of currency. Also record the expenses why converting the currency into your preferred money.

Transfer wise or Google Pay or Apple Pay

Be it rent, light bill, tuition fees, project fees, food bills, etc. make use of these extremely safe and reliable transfer apps that will also keep a recorded statement of your spending.


WordWeb Dictionary

An offline thesaurus and dictionary which will help you understand your studies better by providing definition, synonyms, along with verbs and nouns.


Record your lectures by enabling the voice recording tool that you play whilst self studying. Compose necessary notes to keep track of your subjects.

Duo Lingo

This is an app that will help to improve your foreign language ability. It is free and has over 30 languages and is a great application that will assist in your progression towards your elected languages.


NY Times or BBC

Stay updated with latest news around the world. With NY Times and BBC you can know about current happenings in different parts of the world. You can download these news application free-of-cost.

Social Media


Post pictures from your photo gallery or camera roll. Connect with classmates and family by following them. Features include sending and sharing messages through the direct messaging also known as Direct Message facility.


Keep your Timeline updated on Facebook by posting pictures or giving a quick update of the place you currently are in. Facebook is also a great way to instantly catch up with your friends and family.


Look for ideas and discover images by searching for an assignment or inspiration. Features of the app include creating a pin board and saving posts for future reference.


This application is especially great for individuals who like to write down or journal their experiences. WordPress is a blog platform where you can design a website for free. Share or note down your experiences by composing an article. You might end up feeling therapeutic after one session itself.  


Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime

Netflix and Amazon Prime are available in almost all countries around the world. Hulu is only available in the United States region.

Spotify or Apple Music/Podcasts

Applications for these music applications are available in almost every country. Spotify and Apple Music/Podcasts offer subscription at low rates for students.


Google Calendar

This app will help you keep track of your schedule and also lets you organize your week/month accordingly. You can access it quickly and make changes according to the occurring changes. Google Calendar also has an option of setting reminders which can come in handy for everyone.

These applications will definitely enhance your study abroad experience. It will not only keep you connected but also get you habitual with scheduling and organizing for a better life. Now, continue to make your education overseas an eventful one. Here’s wishing for you the future that you deserve!

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