Aspects of studying abroad that changed my life forever!

As I recall, my interest in studying abroad began when I was in my first year of Bachelor’s Degree – a stage where you decide what exactly you want to achieve career-wise. The influence of studying abroad was high in the air just like today: everyone was aware of the concept of studying abroad and all of us would imagine how amazing it would be to actually experience it.


While I was caught in between my second year of the under-graduate degree, I became determined that I wanted to pursue my Masters/Post-graduation degree abroad. After getting in touch with some of the pre-departure students that were currently studying abroad, I realized the process was actually not as complicated as one would conceive it to be. Shortly after, I started researching and listing down the countries, potential courses, universities, prerequisites, accommodation, and other details.


Fast forward to a few months later, I was ready with my applications to be sent out. I received my acceptance letter and voila! I was all set to begin my affair with studying abroad. I recently graduated with that I thought what better time to talk about my experience than now,  it’s fresh and hopefully would provoke you to finally take off on your decision to study abroad. In this article, I will write specifically about the parts of studying abroad that changed my perspective towards life.



As we all know, studying abroad brings various experiences and many exciting opportunities. I am grateful to have chosen this journey and making the most of it, especially in the below-mentioned components –

  • Quality of Education

Several students are choosing to study abroad because of the quality of education offered in top-ranked universities overseas. Naturally, as an international student, I had the opportunity to indulge and partake in learning from one of the best-ranked universities around the world. I must state that I feel adequate by studying abroad. The quality of education is absolutely up to its mark. The facilities, infrastructure, and technique of imparting knowledge are my favorite highlights.

I would like to share one of my recurring experiences from the university I recently graduated. Foreign education system believes in equipping students with compulsory hours of self-study – which helps a student to understand a subject better. I had some queries that needed attention from an expert, I approached my professors to help me with understanding that particular concept, and she was kind enough to not only explain the concept again but also give me examples that helped me understand the subject I had the most difficulty with better. Today, the subject I am referring to is undoubtedly among my favorite topics today.

  • Lifestyle

Every country rather every region follows a different lifestyle. When I went to study abroad, I naturally experienced an entirely different lifestyle largely different than the one we follow in India. India is culture-oriented, the lifestyle we follow are chiefly based on our beliefs. According to my observation, in foreign countries culture, of course, plays a vital role in shaping their lifestyle however other minor components like a luxury, education, and behavior mainly plays a significant character.

For example, I remember the first time I entered my accommodation which was situated inside our university campus – The look and feel of it was entirely different specifically the factor of independent living and self-help was very active. Gradually, I made friends and realized the residing citizens of the region gave significant importance to their standard of living.

The best part of their lifestyle was self-dependency and of course, development played a major role in providing them with this style of living. It was convenient and people are also very friendly. This experience of lifestyle has helped me become independent, also improved my knowledge towards development and taught me how I can make the most of what I have.

  • Skills and Qualities

The best part of studying abroad is that you get to acquire skills based on experiences and determination. I am glad to inform that I not only improved my existing set of skills but also managed to add some qualities that I am sure will come in handy when I am all set to put in use while working. Especially skills like Language, Communication, Networking, Leadership, and Confidence are my highlights post a year of studying abroad. There were several instances or occurrences while acquiring education abroad that I amassed these qualities.

To be more specific, let’s talk about the time I brushed of my communication skills which gradually converted my other skills as my assets. First and foremost, communication plays an extremely role in improving the quality of learning. It keeps you focused and also is a singular way of achieving your goals. I observed, that people I met every day were actively communicating about their issues which helped them resolve their problems and become more confident with their decisions. I gradually began communicating more and realized that it made me feel more content and also achieve leadership qualities which I am sure is going to be valued at my work environment.

  • Working Abroad

The influence of work definitely boosts your knowledge. As students, we were only allowed to work part-time which was limited to 20 hours a week. I jumped to take the opportunity as soon I could, initially I worked on campus which provided me the time for learning about the region I recently moved into. Assisting my professor was the job I took up, some amount on my semester fee was waivered off in exchange for this. I ended up learning a lot about the campus and also gained management skills along the way.

In foreign countries, students can either take up internships or work on a part-time basis. While only a few internships are paid whereas through part-time jobs students can easily earn and also save. After my couple of months lived assistant job, I ended up accepting a job at a grocery store for which I was paid. Part-time job opportunities for students are available abundantly. The work environment especially helps you become more communicative and also is a great way to form a network.

Further for a full-time professional career, students can easily look for professional jobs after graduation through websites or by sending out resumes to the company’s they are willing to work.

  • Explore

Another exciting part of studying abroad every student looks forward to – exploring parts of the country. I was extremely thrilled to explore different regions and was set for an adventure whenever I could spare the time of my studies. The best part of exploring in your own time is that it can fascinating and well as experiential. I met several new people, gained knowledge or background about the place, experienced independent traveling and also managed to create a list of things to do, what to see and where to go with the help of internet and by reaching out to people.

 I gradually became equipped with the competency to plan my trip and gain experiences each time I set out for an adventure. Here’s what I did when I could not spare enough time to really go out exploring, I visited places nearby and travelled to look at interesting cafes, book stores or daily hangout destinations.

Traveling to places also made me feel a lot better and could easily take my mind off stress. Therefore, as an individual who has officially fallen in love with the concept of traveling, I would highly recommend doing this whenever one can spare some a minute.  

There it is! These are some of the highlights that I am absolutely grateful for. It has not only made me independent but also equipped me with some serious skills that I am sure will come into use at achieving milestones in my life.

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