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Do Not Let These 6 Myths Stop You From Achieving Your Dream


Is your longing thought of studying abroad put on hold because of the most uncertain things you have heard about education overseas? Well if it is, keeping reading this piece to figure out if you have really been giving up on this enriching experience for nothing. Many people have misconceptions of studying abroad. Individuals desiring to study abroad pick these (mostly) untrue facts from various resources that are majorly reported based on prejudices.

Study Abroad myths

Just like every coin has two sides, there are several advantages of studying abroad as are some disadvantages which may entirely depend from person to person. That’s mainly because study abroad experience may differ for each person. It also depends on circumstances like location, university and lifestyle one adapts. Withal, because of these contradictory experiences, people have eventually confused themselves with unnecessary tittle – tattle about studying abroad.

If your attempt to study abroad has failed because of the following mentioned myths, you must reconsider your decision. In this article, we have compiled a list of misconceptions that have been doing rounds forcing students to rethink their goal of studying abroad.

1. Studying Abroad is Expensive

By far, this is the most commonly heard misconception of studying abroad. It’s true that studying abroad will cost you some extra money but it’s not as expensive when you think of the return on investment. Basic expenditure like tuition fee, accommodation, travel and lifestyle expenses are the main sources where your money will be invested. Additionally, in today’s time, there are many ways you can fund your study abroad motive. Loans, crowdfunding, savings, etc. are top options of funding.

Click here to read about types of funding you can opt for education overseas

2. It is hard to Communicate

Many students drop their desire to study abroad only because of their fear to communicate. Every country has its own language and dialect, naturally the majority of people residing in that country prefer to communicate in their first language. However, it really is not a barrier rather it is one of the benefits of studying abroad. By living among the people who speak their local language you can learn their vernacular in the best and most authentic sense.  

Students who visit abroad for education also improve their communication skills. Moreover, people in foreign countries are known to socialize with international students in English which is global language of communication. This is also one of the main reasons that universities ask students to submit their English Proficiency scores.

Read about English Proficiency Tests – IELTSPTE and TOEFL!

3. Admission Process is Complicated

If you are holding your dream to study abroad because of this reason, DON’T. Yes, it’s true that studying abroad has its own process which takes about a year. But, it is not that complicated, rather anyone can complete the university application process. All one needs is dedication and determination. Almost every foreign university offers students with a detailed procedure to apply in their university. If at all, you cannot find enough information about the course/process to apply in your desired college it’s always great to approach the university through email or phone call.

If you are still looking for any help related to study abroad, you can read articles and blogs on our website. We have a solution to almost every question/query students willing to study abroad have.

4 .Studying Abroad is not safe

If anything studying abroad is safe. With numerous students going to foreign universities for education each year regulations that are bounded for safety have been created. Moreover, countries abroad, in general, have safeguarding rules based on which every international student feels extremely safe. Countries like Canada, the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, etc. are active members of offering international student with a safe and happy environment.

5. Not all subjects are worth studying abroad

We are happy to inform that this statement is fortunately untrue. If you have questioned to desire to study abroad based on this misbelief, you must reconsider. Universities around the world conduct courses for almost every subject. In fact, educational institutes abroad are continuously working towards providing students with a learning environment where they can learn, grow and get better at the concept they are most interested in. Also, studying abroad might provide you with job opportunities. Anybody willing to get high rated information can go overseas for education. Don’t let this myth fool your intention to pursue your higher education abroad.

You can pursue Language, Arts, Science, Technology, Marketing, Business, Finance, Architecture, Social Science, etc. courses abroad. Visit this link to research about your courses to study abroad!

6. Employers don’t really give much value to foreign degree

Another myth you should totally ignore. Studying abroad broadens one’s scope especially in terms of understanding the subject and also performing tasks revolving the subject. Employers highly value candidates that are good with understanding the concept of their work and individuals who are capable of solving problems. Studying abroad equips students with many skills that are especially great for making a suitable impression on the hiring faculty. By gaining education from a foreign country, one is likely to enhance his personality with abilities that are great for both personal and career realms.

Achieve your goals

That’s all! Don’t let myths be a barrier to your goal to study abroad. You can gain a lot by going overseas for higher education. Make your decisions wisely and with full awareness to wholly enjoy this augmented experience. This study abroad experience is not only great for you career but also wonderful for improving your personality.

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