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How a Degree in MBA Makes You a Better Leader


“Leadership is not a position or title; it is action and example.” - Cory Booker

Are leaders born or made? It’s a significant question, specifically for individuals who aspire to head teams or organisations. Some believe that a true leader is born that way – inspiring and naturally charismatic! But we believe that it’s possible to develop the skills and attributes necessary to call oneself a leader.


MBA abroad

For leading any organization, strong leadership skills are both expected and required. For this reason, many individuals turn to programs such MBA in international business or MBA in HR to develop leadership skills and prepare themselves for future roles.

Here’s how a degree in MBA in International Business can help you build and refine your leadership abilities.

Creative Problem Solving

Just like life, the road to success is paved with difficulties and obstacles. Successful leaders have just as many problems as successes. Therefore, a leader should have the ability to assess a problem and calmly address it. 

All through your MBA, you will have several chances to develop your problem-solving skills. Business competitions, seminars and projects, will help sharpen your critical thinking skills in exercises similar to those you will experience in your career. Thus, hands-on experience will give you the chance to put your problem-solving skills to the test.

Power of Effective Communication

MBA exposes you to a range of business theories, broadens your business vocabulary and increases your confidence in verbal and written communication. The innumerable group projects guarantee that every MBA student masters the art of good communication. Further, the group presentations help crush any stage-fear that you might have!

Thus, the awareness developed from the MBA experience helps you to tailor your communication approach based on your perception, in turn, making you a better and more insightful leader.

Communication, in this manner, is of the utmost importance, and the best business management universities realize it well; thus, including value-added programs on communication as part of the MBA curriculum.

Work as a Team

To be a compelling leader, you should accomplish more than just good communication with your clients, partners and employees. You must likewise work with them as a team. Although this sounds like an easy task, it isn’t!

As a part of a team, it’s vital that you listen to the opinions of your team members, and respect them as well. Your duty lies in bringing diverse individuals with separate competence levels and work ethics together. But the fact is, teamwork is only learned through experience and not from books. Luckily, though, one of the numerous MBA benefits is that you learn to figure out how to better work as part of a team.

This is possible because, MBA courses include multiple case studies, group discussions, presentations and projects, all of which require you to work as a team and achieve a common goal – to win as a team!

See the Bigger Picture

Endless tasks go into keeping an organization running at its pinnacle and advancing towards its goals. It’s all about realizing how your initiatives and activities add up to something greater and seizing opportunities to help the organization progress.

An MBA degree inculcates in you the analytical skills that you need to see how every component of the business adds to its overall success. By considering the long-term outcomes of your choices, you can create more brilliant strategies and streamline along the way.

MBA, thus, teaches you to see the bigger picture first and understand the challenges, plan for the needs and advance towards your business goals.

Pearls of Wisdom from Industry Experts

There is no doubt that in most MBA colleges, the faculty are the best of the lot. However, there is an extraordinary thrill in listening to guidance provided by entrepreneurs and industry experts who have tons of experience and stories to tell.

Universities like UPES regularly welcome corporate pioneers to interact with their students and give the best training to the future business leaders. Moreover, it’s a standard practice to conduct seminars and guest lectures to guarantee industry interface for students.

The bottom line is – leadership is a skill that is honed throughout the MBA course, drawing many aspiring leaders to the degree for this very reason. Every stream of MBA, be it MBA in Finance, MBA in international business or anything else, encourages leadership by teaching students the importance of applying problem-solving skills and planning long-term.

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