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How to apply in a University in United Kingdom


The rich and royal culture of United Kingdom is fabled and is globally acclaimed. It has many renowned universities and therefore is well-known for education. Not only the local students are full of praise about the education system but also foreign students prefer UK for higher studies. The education administration system in the United Kingdom is globally recognized and was established in the 19th century. The diverse culture, the economy, and the innovative industry are some of the popular reasons why UK is an ideal destination to pursue education.

Stay calm and don’t rush with your university applications. We’re sure you would get in, just keep working hard and follow our provided guidance listed below:

What is the experience of studying in United Kingdom like?

Living in foreign countries is an adventure and experience filled journey. Students have various opportunities to explore the country. The education system of United Kingdom is ranked among the best destinations to study abroad. International students residing in UK have praised the education administration and have stated that they have gained a lot of knowledge through their practical techniques and theoretical information regarding their subject of interest. The wonderful experience of living in one of the best countries in Europe has given students the chance to explore parts of continent. The academic experience in UK has given students the opportunity to excel career-wise. The British culture is known for discipline and shaping one’s personality, therefore students can, not only learn academically but also can experience growth personality wise.

What entrance exams should I appear for?

International students are required to complete all the qualifications and entry requirements listed by the university only then, the university accepts their application. One of the vital requirements include entrance exam and English proficiency test which basically proves the student’s eligibility and capability to apply in the university. You should be aware of your program entirely including the course structure. The entrance exam and English proficiency test is mentioned on the university website.


However, we have compiled the information on which exam are required for what courses


English Proficiency test

Entrance Exam


Bachelors of Science, Bachelors of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering


TOEFL or IELTS or C1 advanced



Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration,


TOEFL or IELTS or C1 advanced




Master of Research, Master of Philosophy


TOEFL or IELTS or C1 advanced


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

TOEFL or IELTS or C1 advanced


Pre Bachelors degree


TOEFL or IELTS or C1 advanced.


What is the university application process of United Kingdom?

United Kingdom offers almost all levels of courses – Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Doctorate degree programs. The application process in United Kingdom is easy considering the country is an educational hub and many international students choose the country. The country is very much aware of this situation and therefore has exclusively created websites where students can submit university applications online.

Under graduate programs in UK

  • Applications can be filled and submitted through the UCAS website,
  • Create a login ID and fill in the necessary details (consider filling optional details as well)
  • Write a personal statement
  • Attach two Letter of Recommendations
  • Proceed to pay the application fees

Post graduate and Doctorate programs in UK

  • Applications can be filled and submitted through the UKPASS website
  • Create a login ID and fill in the necessary details (consider filling optional details as well)
  • Write a personal statement
  • Attach two Letter of Recommendations
  • Proceed to pay the application fees

How can I track my application?

We all tend to get a little impatient while waiting for confirmation from the university regarding our application/s, but it is worth the wait. Students can track each application separately by accessing the dashboard on the website, once the university goes through the submitted application they will let you know about their decision by updating, which will eventually reflect on your dashboard. So make sure when you submit your completed application and always recheck documents.

What timeline should I be following to apply in the universities of UK?

Every student who is willing to study abroad must follow a timeline. The application process as we know may be a little overwhelming, but by following a Timeline can help you remain calm and organized through the procedure.

  • 12-14 months before enrolling

Research on the potential universities and gather as much as possible information. List down university requirements, deadlines, entrance exams and application process also try clearing all your doubts.

  • 10 months before enrolling

Give your entrance exams. Reappear for entrance exam if you are not satisfied with the scores. Work on your application and send out your applications to the university. Recheck your documents. Also try applying to as many universities, consider applying to alternative universities.

  • 6 months before studying in UK

Prepare your Acceptance letter. Work on your financial documents. Apply for scholarship. Work on your scholarship essay.

  • 3 months before studying in UK

Apply for student visa. Prepare a Statement of Purpose. Book your travel tickets and accommodations.

  • 1 month before studying in UK

List down all the requirements and get ready for the student experience.


What is the method of submitting my application?

United Kingdom accepts application through online portals, students can also submit documents online.

What is the intake period of universities in UK?

  • Application deadline for undergraduate students are September.
  • Mid October application deadline for dentistry, medicine and veterinary courses.
  • University deadline may differ for international students, therefore it is suggested that students should check the specific university site for more information.

Tips for university applications in UK

  • Set and follow your timeline that helps you organize and manage college applications.
  • Recheck your documents before submitting them.
  • Research and learn better/more about the universities.
  • Consider other universities as well.
  • Proof read your content wherever necessary.
  • Start working on your applications as early as possible.
  • Submit your application at least a few weeks before the deadline.

United Kingdom is a pleasant destination for education. We hope experience include exploring the country as well!

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