Immigration Friendly Countries to Study Abroad


Immigration procedure is point-based and purpose based. To qualify for an immigration visa, individuals should apply according to the category they most likely fit in. The process for migration is fairly easy almost all countries have student visas. We’ve mentioned list of countries offering immigration based on the alleviate procedure for migration. Our aim was to provide you with countries that easy to migrate and settle.


Countries that welcome immigrants with the scope of recruitment and better living are the most preferred ones by students as well as professionals looking for an overseas move.

Here’s a list of the best countries to study and settle with an immigration friendly environment:


The country is amicable for immigrants and offers various benefits on receiving the immigrant visa. There are types of immigrant visa namely independent, temporary, nominated and sponsored. You can choose the one that suits you the most, depending on your criteria. The process of applying for Australian immigrant visa for students is based under General skilled migration program, where applicants should at least score 60 points in categories that range from age factor to educational qualification factor.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known to be student friendly country, with the warmest and good-natured people. New Zealand’s immigration population is fairly high since many immigrants have found this country very comfortable and suitable for living. The immigration process of this country is also point based where students can apply under the Expression of Interest form. Based on one’s health, age, English proficiency, work experience, education qualification, etc., the Visa is granted. Applicants need a minimum of 100 points to be eligible for immigration procedure.


Canada has transpired into one of the chief destinations for immigration. It is known to be the fastest immigration country one can migrate to Canada by applying for any of the following visa processes:

  • Provisional nomination program (A Canadian resident can nominate you for Permanent Residency)
  • Canadian experience class (Based on college/university or work experience qualifying the requirements, you can apply for PR or temporary visa)
  • Quebec experience class (For skilled workers of Province of Quebec)
  • Start up visa programs (For entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in/with Canadian investors can apply for PR)
  • Care giver program (For the elderly or people with high medical needs or children care)
  • Federal Express Entry System (For skilled workers)

According to statistics, over 300,000 people are approved for Permanent residency in Canada every year. Based on skills, age, education, work experience and other basic factors points under their Comprehensive Ranking system alias CRS where one must score minimum 600 points in the above mentioned factors for the eligibility of holding a permanent or temporary visa.


Germany is emerging with IT and automobile industries the chances of employment are quite likely. Therefore, students after completing their higher education in Germany apply for the temporary visa provided by the country. Germany is most recommendable to those looking for acquiring post study work visa in European countries.

Categories of immigration visa for Germany are:

  • Entrepreneur visa
  • Spouse/Family
  • Work permit visa
  • Schengen visa (Particularly for Schengen area)

In total, to acquire a German immigration visa one must prove their health stability, age, educational qualification and other basic factors of living in a country.


People residing in Ireland come to know as loving and generous. The Irish culture is very popular across the European continent. Following are categories of immigration visa, students can apply for an extended temporary visa where they find a job and later apply for any of below mentioned program visas or opt for Permanent residency.

  • General Employment permit- Acquire visa under GEP by working in Ireland by qualifying the minimum earning to reside in the country.
  • Critical Skills Employment permit – Based on Ireland’s highly skilled occupational list, either the employee or self employed people can apply for this sort of visa.
  • Irish start up program visa – For entrepreneurs.
  • Dependent/Family (Spouse) employment permit

United Kingdom

One of the primary reasons to migrate in UK is their economic market; other substantial factors are the employment opportunities and the friendly-disciplinary culture of United Kingdom. The immigration process in United Kingdom is tier based, 5 tier point based procedure varies according to the purpose of migration. The visa is provided is point based assessment, where points can earned on basic factors like age, educational qualification, etc. minimum 70 points to be scored.

  • Tier 1 – Exceptional level workers or High valued immigrants. (people whose work is exceptionally skilled, very few are considered for this category of visa)
  • Tier 2 – Skilled workers. (Employees recruited by their company)
  • Tier 3 – Low skilled workers or labour workers.
  • Tier 4 – Student visas – Short termed visa
  • Tier 5 - Temporary workers.

There is a follow up procedure after applying for the immigration visa. The immigration centre approves your information, sends you the notification which confirms your appointment to pay fees, you have then attach financial documents and other supporting documents to submit it. Lastly, one must prepare for the interview where the purpose and immigration related questions are asked. The processing time of immigration visa may differ for person to person.

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