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Student Accommodation in Canada

Student Accommodation in Canada; Image Courtesy:

Accommodation is always a matter of concern for anyone who wishes to study abroad and although there are a lot of options out there, it is sometimes difficult to find one that you are comfortable staying in. On campus accommodation in universities is the best option out there however since there is a limit to how many students a university can accommodate, homestays and off campus options are necessary.

The different types of student accommodation that you can get in Canada are:


One of the or the most affordable option for students in Canada is dormitories. Almost all the universities in Canada have dormitories in or around the campus and since these dormitories usually come with all the facilities like, kitchen, washrooms, laundry, meal plans, etc, getting accommodation in a dormitory is the most convenient for an international student. One can choose between an individual or a shared room. Of course the dormitories are separated by gender. Since these are located in or around the campus, it is easier for the students to interact with each other and participate in activities conducted by the university.

The average cost of student accommodation in dormitories is somewhere between $3,000 to $7,500 Canadian Dollars per year.

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Homestay is a popular choice among students for accommodation; Image Courtesy:

Home Stays

A student who is 18 or less should ideally opt for a Home Stay. In Canada as well, home stay is considered as a very good option by students. You get to stay with a Canadian family and learn about them and the culture there. Many Canadian families welcome international students to come stay with them. It gives a student security and a comparatively comfortable life. The family with whom the student plans to stay usually provides meals and a private and furnished room. Given that, it is of utmost importance that you make a wise choice before opting for a home stay.

The average cost of home stay accommodation for a student is around $400 – $800 Canadian Dollars per month.

Off Campus Accommodation for students in Canada; Image Courtesy:

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Off-Campus Accommodation

Students usually prefer putting up at a rented place as it gives them more freedom to explore the new city without any restrictions as such. However, it is not easy to find a place of your choice and comfort at the best possible price. It takes a lot of research, way before a student comes to study abroad, to find a suitable place. Students mainly share the accommodation cost so it does not weigh down heavily on one person. Information regarding Off campus student accommodation is provided by student associations/councils within the university as well. You can get notifications either via phone, notice boards, word of mouth, local newspapers and campus advertisements.

An international student can rent different types of houses for accommodation. An entire house is too expensive to rent for a single student hence many students share the rent of the entire house and the facilities it offers like a kitchen, toilet, bath and bedroom.

Apartments are another option where all the main facilities are available for a student. There is a possibility that rental apartments do not include any furniture or meals so that has to be taken care of separately. Most owners ask for a damage deposit and rent is to be paid on a monthly basis either in cash or by cheque.

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