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Career Colleges in Canada

Career colleges are something unique to Canada. After completing 12 or 13 years of schooling one can opt from a variety of courses offered by 175 odd community colleges spread across several provinces in Canada. These colleges, also known as institutes of technology, university colleges or CEGEPS, offered diplomas and certificates rather than degrees. However, some colleges do offer degrees rather than diplomas.

What is a Career College ?

Career Colleges in Canada are privately owned institutions offering training programs with practical skills enabling a student to get a job in this increasingly competitive world. Students seeking short-term training programs in multimedia, hospitality, film studies, graphic design and computer/internet studies may apply to a community or career college in Canada. Fees are highly competitive in these colleges.

Admission Requirements for International Students in a Career College

International students are accepted in career colleges provided they meet the eligibility criteria. Admission requirements vary from school to school. However, all international students require a valid passport, proof of current study permit and visa (if applicable), academic records and resumes, proof of age, proof of funds/scholarships, police clearance certificate or criminal reference check, and medical clearance. Other pre-requisites may be required depending upon the program.

Duration of Study in a Career College

Duration of study in a career college in Canada depends upon the program that you have chosen. Some courses are as short as 12 weeks while some stretch to 1 or even 2 years.

Is a career college reliable or not?

Private career colleges (sometimes called PCCs) must be registered with and licensed by their respective provincial education ministry, which means instructors are audited to ensure they are qualified and have industry experience.

Can I as an international student work after finishing my career college?

An international student cannot work immediately after he/she finishes study. The student needs to seek the appropriate visa to work in Canada.

Do career colleges offer specific international student scholarships or financial aid?

Often, yes, but not always. However, international student financial assistance differs from school to school.

Important Career Colleges


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